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Coma story proves miracles really can take place

Our readers have their say about Munira Abdulla, Sri Lanka and climate change

Munira Abdulla pictured at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Khushnum Bhandari for The National
Munira Abdulla pictured at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Khushnum Bhandari for The National

I refer to your article Emirati woman wakes up from coma after almost 30 years (April 22). Haneen Dajani’s story was touching.

When Munira Abdulla had a car crash, she slipped into a coma while her son escaped with injuries. Three decades later, she has woken up.

Her son’s care and efforts played a big part in this amazing story of hope. It goes to show that miracles really can happen. Stories such as this are extremely rare – indeed, I have never heard anything quite like it. May God bless her and her son with long and peaceful lives.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Civilisations have left their mark with the written word

I write in reference to Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi’s opinion piece Sharjah’s role as World Book Capital will be a truly global inspiration (April 22). The written word has allowed civilisations to leave their mark on the sands of time. Knowledge links civilisations, despite massive gaps in space and time. I applaud Sharjah on the importance the emirate is placing on reading.

Name withheld by request

Condolences to the people of wonderful Sri Lanka

I write in reference to Hayley Skirka’s article How we can all help Sri Lanka recover from tragedy through tourism (April 22). I absolutely loved Sri Lanka and it keeps calling me back.

I feel so deeply sorry for all Sri Lankans following these horrific attacks. May the culprits be punished and may the country recover from this. I will return one day.

M Smalberger, South Africa

Overuse of plastic is choking life on Earth

I write in reference to your article Can flights go single-use plastic-free? Etihad shows how it’s done (April 22). An entire flight free from plastic is a good start from the major airline.

Plastic has to be eliminated or it will eliminate all life from the Earth.

Well done Etihad. I hope more companies will follow this example.

Name withheld by request

People will always be more important than buildings

I refer to your online article Protests for homeless outside gutted Notre Dame (April 22). It is better to care for these destitute people sleeping on the streets of Paris than spend millions on a building, however precious that building might have been.

Elize van Wyke, UAE

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