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Children in Abu Dhabi now have their own quality library

Our readers have their say about libraries, Kashmir, vegan Eid, US troops in Germany and James Bond

Abu Dhabi Children’s Library. Courtesy Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Children’s Library. Courtesy Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi

I write to you in reference to your article First look: Inside the Abu Dhabi Children’s Library (August 7).

In the old days, Abu Dhabi’s Cultural Foundation was the only place where you could find quality books. As the country modernised, the institution underwent a renovation. I am so happy to hear that it has resulted in the inauguration of Abu Dhabi’s Children’s Library

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

There needs to be a debate about the necessity of eating meat

I write to you in reference to Shelina Janmohamed's article Debate over vegan Eid should invite us to reflect on the meaning of sacrifice (August 8).

There is no room for a debate on this issue because a plant-based diet cannot provide all the nutrients a person needs such as vitamins B9 and B12.

And if you have a problem with killing animals, then consider that plants might not be intelligent beings but they are also a type of life form.

Also, there seem to be calls for regulation on so many different festivals: Diwali without crackers, Holi without colours, Onam without plucked flowers, and so on. Now the fun police have moved onto Eid Al Adha.

Name withheld on request

Trump pullout of Germany affects more than security

I write to you in reference to Jack Dutton’s article America threatens to pull troops out of Germany (August 9).

The US military is the biggest employer in the areas where these bases are located. This would be devastating to the local economy of these regions.

Nicole Reischl Hughes, Abu Dhabi

It’s about time we stopped defending Europe from Europeans. The continent has been at peace for the longest time in modern history, thanks in part to US troops. But I believe it is time for Europeans to take on this task themselves.

John Taylor, Dubai

James Bond a woman? He should be Yugoslavian

I write to you in reference to your article Cillian Murphy: ‘James Bond should be a woman' (August 9).

Given that the real-life figure who inspired James Bond films, Dusan Popov, was Yugoslavian, I believe the actor playing James Bond should be from former Yugoslavia.

Antonio Cesar, Melbourne

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