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Cheating in sport is just not cricket

Readers discuss the Australian team, Steven Spielberg, Dubai parks' pricing strategy, house prices and Qatar

"Players who engage in malpractices such as ball tampering and fixing should be banned permanently." Getty Images
"Players who engage in malpractices such as ball tampering and fixing should be banned permanently." Getty Images

In reference to your article Ball tampering row: ICC must let umpires dish out yellow and red cards for all situations in cricket matches (March 27), the recent ban on the Australian cricket team's captain Steve Smith for his role in the ball tampering by his teammate Cameron Bancroft during the match against South Africa for one match and his subsequent removal as captain from the Indian Premier League's Rajasthan Royals team represents a dramatic development in the world of cricket.

After decades of occupying a niche space, cricket has gained a wider audience and most players are paid hefty fees nationally and internationally. Mr Smith's action was shameful and injured the image of cricket. He was rightly condemned in the Australian media and by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. His act is utterly unacceptable. Players who engage in malpractices such as ball tampering and fixing should be banned permanently. That will serve as a lesson for others who might be tempted to engage in cheating and also pave the way for honest cricketers. The rules of cricket should be respected and millions of spectators who love the game should not be deceived. A ban is only right to restore the game's image.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

Dubai parks have priced themselves out of the market

In response to your report DXB Entertainments strikes accord with creditors to restructure Dh4.2bn (March 26), perhaps some more creative marketing effort would help. Perhaps the company could consider creating a series of themed and branded buses that provide free transport from Deira and Bur Dubai and other places to bring Bollywood fans to the resort, for example. Remember, the domestic Indian market is massive but not all have cars and the resort is far away.

Howard Letch, Dubai

The pricing strategy is all wrong. The resort has priced itself out of the market and kept families from visiting the parks.

Arif Khan, UAE

Qatar's conduct is unacceptable

I refer to your article Qatari jets intercept two UAE civilian planes over Bahrain (March 26): these matters are very disturbing.

Sameer Sheikh, Dubai

Steven Spielberg is the most talented filmmaker of our time

In refererence to the article by Chris Newbould on Why Steven Spielberg is the world's most successful director (March 26), Mr Spielberg’s 1993 feature film Schindler’s List showed in stark horror the realities of the Nazi holocaust during the Second World War. He is a very fine storyteller and etches his characters in great detail. He is the most talented filmmaker and director of our times.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

House prices were bound to fall

I refer to your article UAE residential sales prices fall, but Emaar-Aldar tie-up will buoy market (March 27): I am not surprised. I have been a homeowner for nine years and I can say that lack of planning and greed on the part of owners and poor monetary oversight from the banks have brought us to this juncture. I knew this would happen.

Stewy Murphy, Australia

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