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Can we trust drivers to know how to operate pumps?

Readers have their say on self-service petrol stations, Syrian atrocities and more

Queen Elizabeth II visited Dubai in February 1979 during a three-week tour of the region. Kemp / AP photo
Queen Elizabeth II visited Dubai in February 1979 during a three-week tour of the region. Kemp / AP photo

I write in reference to Mathew Litty’s letter We are too pampered to pump our own petrol (Letters to the Editor, April 8). Most road users seem incapable of understanding what their indicators are for. Can we really trust these people with petrol pumps and extremely flammable liquid?

Name withheld by request

We also need supermarkets to force customers to bag their own groceries. Some customers don’t move a muscle and wait for either the helper or the cashier to bag all their items. This isn’t a luxury. It’s laziness.

Khurram Takkhar, Dubai

Queen Elizabeth II’s visit brings back memories

I refer to your article Time frame: Queen Elizabeth II’s royal experience on the Dubai Creek (April 5): during her 1979 state visit to the UAE, Queen Elizabeth II also inaugurated the Dubai Municipality building, where she was given the key to Dubai. Her yacht was then docked in Port Rashid.

Anne McAdam, Abu Dhabi

Coffee drinkers should worry about the health implications

In reference to your op-ed A Storm in a coffee cup or cause for concern? (April 9), Justin Thomas’s piece was a great read. The recent decision by Los Angeles judge Elihu Berle to force Starbucks and other coffee chains to attach warning labels to their beverages due to the carcinogenic effects of coffee, which might lead to cancer, was refreshing. Coffee drinkers should indeed be careful. Coffee drinking has become routine for millions of people and today it is good business. But it is easy to forget that caffeine is a stimulant and could have worrying health implications.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

History will be the judge of bigots and murderous tyrants

In reference to your article Trump warns of ‘big price to pay’ for Douma attack (April 9), shame on the heartless leaders of Syria and Russia who kill innocent people, including the old, the sick, mothers and children in order to retain their miserable grip on power, with the support of other bigots and power seekers. History is a very harsh judge and no one can escape its justice.

Name withheld by request

We shouldn’t need to tip to guarantee good service

I write in reference to your article Money & Me: ‘I always tip 30 per cent for good service’ (April 5). So, customers should pay for their bill, additional taxes and also supplement the server’s salary? The article suggests the best service is brought about by large tips. Surely the onus should be on restaurants to pay their staff well, train them and have a manager to check if they are providing good service.

Gus Bougadis, Abu Dhabi

In the United States, a 15 to 20 per cent tip is standard practice. I was rather surprised when I moved here to learn that people either “round up” or don’t tip at all.

Beverly Newell, Ras Al Khaimah

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