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Cabinet reshuffle sets the right priorities

Readers discuss the cabinet reshuffle, the Taj Mahal and more

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. Wam
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. Wam

I refer to Science comes to the fore in cabinet reshuffle (October 20). The recent announcement gives opportunity for young people in science and technology. The gesture is laudable and will help the UAE play a key role in the future of global information technology. Kudos to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai.

K Ragavan, India

Success shouldn't be measured by gender. It should be measured by achievement. If you can prove you are the best person for the job then that should be all that matters.

Susan Whitehouse, Abu Dhabi

Saudi royal decree is an important step forward

In reference to Saudis to monitor interpretations of Hadiths (October 20), this is a very good idea. The people will come to know the teaching of the Prophet and of his perfect behaviour and compassion.

Name withheld by request

The curious case of the Taj Mahal

I write in relation to your story in the weekend edition of the paper (BJP officials seek to wipe Taj Mahal off state tourism trail, October 20), the BJP officials are either very naive or very smart.

Name withheld by request

Weinstein revelations are not especially surprising

I refer to your online story Lupita Nyong'o recounts Weinstein massage encounter (October 20). Men from every class and colour do this. Why should anyone be surprised? When are we going to start hearing about the feminist backlash?

Mary Smith, Mali

Two US presidents should reflect a little more

In reference to Former presidents decry state of US under Donald Trump (October 20). It could be argued that those two presidents, George W Bush and Barack Obama, led America into war, planted the seeds for ISIL, created racial divide and led us into a financial crisis. Now the pair of them don’t like what’s transpiring.

Patricia Estep, US

Trump's Twitter feed makes for a compelling read

I write regarding your opinion article Macron and Trump: improbable social media soul-mates (October 20). Yes, I guess these two are "soul-mates", but most people read Donald Trump's tweets to see what the great man is going to come out with next, but nobody reads Emmanuel Macron's social media because he is not as compelling as the US president.

Davos Williams, Dubai

We must be relentless in the war on drugs

In reference to Rashmee Roshan Lall's opinion article (In the battle against fake news, we can learn from the war on drugs (October 18), the war on drugs is much more important. Drugs destroy families, societies and nations. We must develop the toughest possible response to the threat of drugs.

Asyah Elisabeth Meel, Abu Dhabi

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