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Buying a home involves weighing up multiple factors

Our readers have their say on Israel, Sheikh Zayed, gender equality and home ownership

Buying a home in the UAE mens weighing up multiple factors / Courtesy LuxuryProperty.com
Buying a home in the UAE mens weighing up multiple factors / Courtesy LuxuryProperty.com

Regarding your story Why buy a car in the UAE but not a home? (June 4), payment towards a mortgage or home loan might make sense financially. However, the lack of ability to overcome the hurdle of paying upfront costs and the deposit required by the central bank as well as the question of long-term stability and long-term residency all affect the decision to buy a home.

Irshad Valli, Dubai

The difference between buying a car and a home is that if your visa gets cancelled, you can always still drive your car or sell it but if you own an asset like a property, it gets tricky.

Falah Khalid, Saudi Arabia

Instability in the job market, inflation, government fees and VAT would make me nervous.

Sameer Sheikh, Dubai

Women everywhere should be able to fulfil their potential

In reference to your article First Saudi women given driving licences ahead of law change (June 5), this is a red letter day for Saudi Arabia for it signals the first step to granting more rights to women and ensuring their equal treatment with men. Women in KSA can now look forward to contributing more to their families and country and achieving their personal and professional aspirations.

Women should be able to work and fulfil their innate potential.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Will Israel’s secret files persuade Europe on Iran?

I refer to your story Benjamin Netanyahu takes Iran’s secret nuclear files to Europe (June 5): Damien McElroy’s article on Iran’s secret files carried by the Israeli Prime Minister to European countries including Germany, France and Britain to expose Iran’s secret nuclear involvement was extremely informative.

Iran’s nuclear programme has caused great controversy and consternation in the international community. I wonder what impact Mr Netanyahu’s exposure of Iran’s secret dealings will have on the safety of the region.

K Ragavan, Denver

Baba Zayed was a dear friend to many nations worldwide

Pakistanis in the UAE learned many things from Sheikh Zayed. He was a true father of the nation, a friend to all, loyal in his commitment to help the poor by any means and spoke like a philosopher. His roots in the Arab world ran deep.

Pakistanis always remember him with great fondness.

Naeem Mushtaq, Karachi

Updated: June 5, 2018 08:31 PM