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Bullfrogs are set to become Dubai’s new favourite pests

Our readers have their say about Iraq, recycling, bullfrogs, and Game of Thrones

Bullfrogs are becoming an invasive species in Dubai.  Pawan Singh / The National 
Bullfrogs are becoming an invasive species in Dubai.  Pawan Singh / The National 

I write to you in reference to Nick Webster’s article Dubai vet sees rise in ‘killer bullfrogs’ as owners treat them as disposable pets (May 21).

I honestly cannot understand why people would want to keep such vile animals as pets.

Bullfrogs obviously do not belong in the UAE, they are causing problems and becoming an annoyance for many.

Better laws should be implemented to counter them rapidly spreading.

S McKlaire, Abu Dhabi

I really think people should not be allowed to own bullfrogs as pets, especially if they are simply going to abandon them.

Dawn Gardiner, Dubai

Iraqis deserve stability after years of hardship

I write to you in reference to Arthur MacMillan’s article Iraq finally exiting the Saddam era, UN envoy says (May 22).

As Mr MacMillan rightly mentioned in his article, Iraq is completely changing its strategy ever since the new government came to power.

Since the early 2000s, the country has undergone a massive transformation.

Iraq used to be a brutal dictatorship under Saddam Hussein and briefly became an ISIS-held territory. It is now finally a democratic regime.

Iraqis deserve to have peace and freedom after all those years of hardship.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

The National inspired me to become more eco-friendly

I write to you in reference to Haneen Dajani’s article Recycling in Abu Dhabi is about to get a lot more efficient (July 4, 2018).

I would like to say that I was truly inspired by this article about recycling in Abu Dhabi, which pushed me to be more environmentally conscious.

I believe that more coverage of similar initatives is crucial to raise awareness on environmental concerns, inspire others to recycle and preserve our planet.

I periodically check on the progress of the new stations mentioned in this article.

My husband and I weekly go to Khalidiya Park all the way from Khalifa City A to drop our recyclable refuse and make a positive contribution to this world.

However, I think this will be much harder to accomplish during the summer time. I wish other recyclable stations would pop up in a nearer location.

Rhon Areglado, Abu Dhabi

The Game of Thrones finale was a total disappointment

I write to you in reference to Nyree McFarlane’s article What the Westeros? 11 gaping plot holes from the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’ (May 21).

I was very excited for the series’s last episode, but it was a very big let down.

While watching it, I was constantly telling myself “this is terrible, let’s just get this episode finished”

The ending had plot gaps and shortcuts. It is such a shame. All the other episodes were so good.

Darren Banner, Dubai

Updated: May 22, 2019 06:52 PM