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Bangladesh attack demands thorough investigation

Our readers have their say about Sudan, Bangladeshi workers, Indian elections and Islamophobia

Factory workers in Bangladesh. Nicole Hill / The National
Factory workers in Bangladesh. Nicole Hill / The National

I write in reference to your article Bangladeshi factory workers at Dutch sweet-maker attacked after opening union (April 13): Shafi Musaddique’s piece explaining the recent attack on workers in a Dutch Perfetti van Melle factory in Bangladesh was a good, if dispiriting, read.

Employees wanted to protect their working rights and improve security while working by forming a union. That is not an offence as per local law in Bangladesh, to which Perfetti van Melle adheres. A thorough investigation should be carried out to get to the bottom of this dreadful attack.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Leaders like Bashir are in great trouble when they fall

I write in reference to your rolling coverage of the Sudan coup and the departure of former president Omar Al Bashir. Mr Al Bashir drove his country into the ground. Many ageing leaders like him know that they are riding a hungry tiger, so they do not wish to come down and will use any and all means to remain on its back.

Those who do fall are likely to be mauled, metaphorically speaking, by those demanding change in their millions.

Name withheld by request

Rahul Gandhi is unable to present a vision for India

I refer to the brilliant article by Salil Tripathi India’s election presents voters with a choice about the soul of their nation (March 11). He has summed up the dilemmas confronting the Indian voter very elegantly.

The world’s largest democracy, India, comprising around 900 million voters, will elect a new government in the next few weeks. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image and cult following is strong, principally because no opposition leader, including Rahul Gandhi, has been able to project himself as a leader capable of governing the world’s largest democracy.

Many Indians feel that demonetisation was harmful, that the country’s infrastructure is decrepit and that unemployment is growing. The 100 smart cities Mr Modi promised in 2014 have not been built. However, Mr Modi remains the best option for many people in India.

Too often in India we find that we have highly qualified professionals but too few capable leaders. The opposition leader and Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, in my view, is simply unable to present a coherent vision of the India he would like to build. Mr Tripathi has rightly underscored the declining fortunes of the Congress, in recent general elections.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Far-right extremists seem to be growing louder today

I refer to Jack Dutton’s article UK government adviser sacked over Islamophobia comments (April 12). Islamophobia is a growing threat in societies across the world. What does it achieve, apart from facilitating bigotry and sectarian hatred?

There are always extremists who seek to corrupt the angry and disenfranchised. But their voices seem to be growing louder today.

Name withheld by request

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