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Bana Al Abed's Oscars appearance will raise awareness of Syria's plight

Readers discuss the Academy Awards, currency, Abu Dhabi and murals

Bana Al Abed in Hollywood. Reuters
Bana Al Abed in Hollywood. Reuters

I refer to your article 8-year-old Syrian Bana Al Abed makes appearance at the Oscars (March 5). It was a good read. It is indeed laudable that through the popular social media site Twitter, the eight-year-old Syrian girl who lives in Turkey brought attention to the years-long and tragic plight of Syrians. It is remarkable that she appeared as a guest at the Oscars. Her visit to the United States will surely raise awareness of the crimes of the Syrian government, who are responsible for the chaos there and for the thousands of deaths and injuries.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

Digital currency push has me scratching my head

I refer to your article Bank initiative seeking to remove Dh65.4 billion in cash from UAE streets (March 5). What happens when the digital systems fail and digital coins are inaccessible? Is that a problem that will sort itself out?

Miltiadis Kyvernitis, Dubai

The UAE’s remarkable and rapid transformation

I write in reference to your story Timeframe: Forget Sheikh Zayed Bridge, crossing into Abu Dhabi 1963-style (March 5). This is an unbelievable transformation.

Lorraine Kavanagh, Ohio

Mural will provide a portrait of the nation writ large

In reference to your video story Watch: eL Seed gets to work on his first mural in Abu Dhabi (March 5). This is spell-binding. When dreams are greater we all learn a little bit more too.

Ahmad Mumtaz, Abu Dhabi

Assad must go so that peace may be restored in Syria

In reference to Damien McElroy’s column As the world watches, Assad is deliberately targeting hospitals to wipe out the chance of another uprising (March 3). It is horrifying that in the Syrian war hospitals and civilians are being targeted. Even in the worst Second World War battles, hospitals were spared. Chemical weapons are reported to have been used. Which country uses chemical weapons against its own people? Bashar Al Assad should stand aside and let Syrians rebuild their lives. How long will the world watch as the population of a beautiful country gets gradually decimated. Hollywood should be complimented for at least acknowledging the issue through the Oscar nomination of a documentary on this awful, heart-breaking crisis.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Updated: March 6, 2018 02:49 PM