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Antibiotics should only be used when they’re needed

Readers discuss sport, bird hunting, social media and antibiotics

<p>Antibiotic overuse poses a genuine threat today. Getty</p>
Antibiotic overuse poses a genuine threat today. Getty

I refer to Olivier Oullier’s opinion piece We can all do our bit to stop antibiotic overuse (April 25): this meaningful and thought-provoking article on the overuse of antibiotics in the UK and worldwide documents succintly how the medical profession and particularly general practitioners are relying far too heavily on antibiotics. This happens even when, in cases of virus for instance, they are utterly ineffective. Today antibiotics have become more resistant, in spite of so many new discoveries from the pharmaceutical industry. Now more than ever, it is important that we do not take antibiotics when we have no genuine need for them.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

Sport rule is sure to be a win-win for all involved

I write in reference to your online article President Sheikh Khalifa passes decree paving way for expats to represent UAE sports teams (April 25): this is big news. I can already see the Olympic gold medals coming our way.

Mansoor Al Obeidli, Abu Dhabi

Thank you Sheikh Khalifa, for valuing expatriate talent.

Name withheld by request

We need laws to protect our endangered bird species

I refer to your article How illegal bird hunting in the Arab world could drive species to extinction (March 25): we need basic rules and regulations that are properly enforced if we are to tackle this problem. But more importantly in my view, basic environmental education in schools is a must.

Name withheld by request

Social media has tangible benefits for small businesses

In reference to your article UAE General Assembly calls for tighter grip on social media influencers and their content (April 25), we should remember that many social media influencers are entrepreneurs. While I dislike influencers because they blur the line between regular social engagement and brand advertising, we should remember that social media has been great for allowing people like personal trainers to advertise. It is not used exclusively to push products.

Chris Reid, Dubai

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