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Animal welfare cannot come at the cost of human lives

Our readers have their say on India, Etihad, #MeToo and Pakistan

Controversy erupted this year in India over the killing of a man-eating tiger that had claimed 13 victims in two years. AFP
Controversy erupted this year in India over the killing of a man-eating tiger that had claimed 13 victims in two years. AFP

I write in reference to your article Man-eating tiger shot dead in India after massive hunt (November 4). India is embroiled in a debate regarding the shooting of a man-eating tigress, nicknamed Avni, by Maharashtra state hunters. A federal minister, Maneka Gandhi, the daughter-in-law of the former prime minister Indira Gandhi, has alleged that this is tantamount to murder and sought the dismissal of the state officials. She is also distraught about the two cubs of the tigress, which have been orphaned.

Mrs Gandhi should understand that the tigress, which was shot at the behest of the state government with due Supreme Court approval, had killed 13 innocent human beings. The hunt for the man-eater included more than 100 camera traps, baits of horses and goats tethered to trees, 24-hour surveillance from treetops, five sharp-shooters on elephants and armed patrols. Bulldozers had been deployed to clear the bush in the forests. Farmers and rural communities had been warned for months not to venture out alone in the Yavatmal district. Such were the dangers posed by this tigress. The two cubs can be adopted by any zoo or wildlife sanctuary in India. Whilst we seek to protect wild animals such as lions, tigers and leopards, this cannot be at the cost of human lives. We have to get our priorities right.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Kudos to Etihad – a truly lovely airline to travel on

I refer to your piece Etihad Airways to retrofit A380s with extra leg-room economy class (November 6): Etihad is a wonderful airline to travel on. I have had very pleasant experiences with them a number of times. Keep it up.

Name withheld by request

Men should embrace the powerful #MeToo movement

I refer to Rashmee Roshan Lall’s opinion piece The MJ Akbar case shows women need men to embrace #MeToo for it to have any real impact (November 7). This was a delicately handled piece on the ongoing crisis in India’s growing #MeToo movement. The MJ Akbar affair has rumbled on for more than three weeks and more women are coming forward to air their grievances

The movement has taken on momentum, aided by the media and activists. Naturally, it is important that justice and due process prevail. As the writer rightly argues, men should also embrace this powerful movement, both in India and globally. Ultimately, the truth can only emerge following thorough investigation.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Islam advocates equal rights for all and protects minorities

I write in reference to your article Pakistan court acquits Christian woman on death row for blasphemy (November 4). Have these hardliners forgotten that Islam advocates equal rights for all within Muslim countries, plus protection of minorities in their areas. Judges should know better than to overturn their

decisions to appease a mob.

Name withheld by request

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