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An historic moment for Saudi Arabia and the world

Readers discuss the withdrawal of driving ban in Saudi Arabia, local farming and Trump's border policy

Saudi Arabia has today lifted its ban on women driving, which had been in place since 1957.  Sean Gallup/Getty Images 
Saudi Arabia has today lifted its ban on women driving, which had been in place since 1957.  Sean Gallup/Getty Images 

I have been following the live updates on your website Saudi Arabia lifts ban on women drivers (24 June) and it was indeed a pleasure in the morning to read the developments overnight in Saudi Arabia. It’s truly a historic moment not only for Saudi women but also for women around the world. We are all witnessing a change that heralds the beginning of the stride towards success.

This change will bring associated benefits to the country in the form of increased sale in vehicles, fuel consumption and more freedom of choice for shopping. Women can do all of that without the presence of a male guardian.

Ramachandra Nair, Oman

The US's neighbours must improve their own economies

I write in response to Hussein Ibish's op-ed How scaremongering and a fictional narrative are keeping migrant parents and children apart (June 23): it is a huge relief that US President Donald Trump has revoked the family separation policy and children will not be separated from their parents in future. However more than 2,000 children are already separated from their parents. These children too need to be reunited with their parents. I am also surprised at the silence from countries where many of the immigrants originate from. They too have a duty towards their citizens, even those who tried to seek a better life in a foreign country, albeit illegally. Countries from where the illegal immigrants are fleeing should improve their economies so that their citizens do not seek lives elsewhere at grave risks. The US, like any other country, will seek to look after its own people first.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Eating homegrown fruit and veg is better for everyone

I am writing with reference to the article High costs force Fujairah farmers to give up growing fruit and vegetables (June 23): I always buy homegrown farm fruit and vegetables from supermarkets. My philosophy is simple: support the local farmer.

Daisy Tito, Abu Dhabi

Updated: June 24, 2018 09:02 PM