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Accidents will only cease with stricter speed controls

Our readers have their say on speed limits, Modi's visit and gender equality

Speed limits must be strictly adhered to
Speed limits must be strictly adhered to

With regard to your story Abu Dhabi to phase out 20kph speed buffer on some major roads, if this country was really serious about reducing the speed limit, they would have fixed cameras like they do on the motorways in the UK that monitor average speed. Until this is implemented, the type of accidents that occur because of sudden braking when approaching speed cameras will still exist.

Name withheld by request

Hunger can lead to desperate choices for nutrition

In response to your article World Government Summit: Making insects 'tastier' could alleviate global hunger (February 11), if I was in a situation where I had not eaten for days and this was the only food available thenI would eat it to survive regardless of how much protein was in it.

Kristina Margit, Abu Dhabi

Currency fluctuations are hard to predict

In reference to your article Beware: once-powerful dollar looks a little weary (February 11): sharp recent drops of the US dollar versus other currencies can be explained by the tax cuts passed by the Congress which will have a serious effect on US public debt. Increases in inflation and wage inflation have an effect on the value of a currency. Companies' profits are under pressure when workers pay increases. Wages have decreased in the last 10 years relative to companies' profits and therefore a strong dollar wasn't an issue even for exporters. The same thing may well happen in Europe if economies show signs of growth, as many are. Wage increases will soon follow, putting pressure on company profits as well. European currencies will also be affected. Ups and downs of currencies against each other are a common phenomenon therefore it is impossible to predict.

Patricia Trudgeon, Dubai

India-UAE relations have gone from strength to strength

Your editorial Modi's second visit in three years high lights strong India-UAE ties (February 10) was a meaningful and thought-provoking one. India and the UAE have enjoyed excellent relations for decades. The contributions of Indian individuals such BR Shetty in pharmaceuticals and hospitals and Sunny Varkey in education, as well as recognisable prominent businesses groups such as LuLu by Yusuff Ali, speak for themselves. Indian ties have deepened ever since Narendra Modi entered the Indian Prime Minister's office because he has cultivated an excellent personal rapport with the UAE's leadership.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

What about gender equality? Women can take charge too

Regarding Your guide to Valentine's Day in the UAE (February 11), what about gender equality? I don't have to rely on a man to book a romantic restaurant, I can book it too.

Jennie Ryan, Dubai

Updated: February 12, 2018 08:09 PM