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A powerful image can move the most stoic among us

Our readers have their say on the value of art, feeling proud of UAE's efforts at testing and the urgent need for developing a vaccine for coronavirus

Sara Shakeel's powerful image has been shared thousands of times online. Sara Shakeel / Instagram
Sara Shakeel's powerful image has been shared thousands of times online. Sara Shakeel / Instagram

Regarding Sophie Prideaux's piece Pakistani artist Sara Shakeel's crystal-covered image of exhausted medical worker sends powerful message (April 12): the image is beautiful but sad at the same time.

Sophia Delve, Dubai

This is so powerful.

Sarah Ali Chaudhry, Abu Dhabi

A wonderful piece of work. Congratulations to the artist.

Imran Nawaz, Abu Dhabi

Art is a powerful medium. Pity not more people understand this.

Farhan Raza, Dubai

Impressive testing makes residents proud of the UAE's efforts

Regarding The National's Editorial UAE mass testing campaign is working (April 14):I wholeheartedly agree. People are scared and anxious, especially as we see staggering infection and mortality rates in other countries. But we must work through the fear and anxiety. Each of us has a duty to comply with the precautionary measures.

I went to the Al Nasr Club drive-through yesterday. As expected, the Dubai Health Authority was amazing. It was so smooth, safe, professional and the people working there were incredible. You don't ever get out of your car or touch anything. They instruct you to keep your windows closed until they need you to roll them down.

Honestly, for something that creates anxiety by its very nature, it was an extremely positive experience. This is the only way we can progress through the exceptional Emirati management of this global pandemic. I have always felt blessed and privileged to call Dubai and the UAE home, never more so than now.

Elan Fabbri, Dubai

The need for global collaboration to develop a vaccine

In reference to the article by Robert Matthews Coronavirus: How convalescent plasma therapy works (April 13): the need of the hour is clinical trials and universal sharing of the data. This should already have been done. Over 440,000 patients have recovered from coronavirus across the world. We live in an age of digitisation and Big Data analysis. The data of the recovered patients should be analysed according to age group and previous medical records, in conjunction with the medicines used to cure them. This will tell us which are the best set of medicines to treat patients.

Unless a vaccine is discovered urgently, it will be difficult to deal with the waves of Covid-19.

How long will seven billion people continue to isolate themselves? They need to work, eat and economies have to run to generate money and jobs. So, if the normal cycle to find a vaccine in 15 to 18 months, scientists from across the world must aim to reach that goal faster. This should be possible, with sharing of research efforts. Human lives, families, companies, economies are being impacted. The post Covid-19 world could be very different from the one we live in.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

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