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Our readers have their say about the Dubai drugs bust, Margaret Thatcher, Kashmir and overseas workers

Sheikh Zayed with Margaret Thatcher in 1989. Press Association
Sheikh Zayed with Margaret Thatcher in 1989. Press Association

Regarding your story The UAE has become diplomacy’s home away from home (August 15): The National’s editorial was enlightening and also spot-on. About 38 years ago, then British prime minister Margaret Thatcher visited the UAE when it was celebrating its one-decade anniversary.

As you have rightly mentioned, in the coming decades the UAE will be a meeting point and destination of choice for world leaders because of its role in global developments. What a great piece.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Million-dollar haul is a real credit to our officers

With reference to your online story Dh25 million worth of heroin and meth seized at Dubai port (August 17), well done to the officers in question. This kind of drugs horror is not welcome in the UAE – ever.

Liz Beneski, Abu Dhabi

Good job Dubai police, keep it up.

Seamus Teehan, Dubai

Is this really the fourth case within six months? Bravo to the police force and customs.

Youmbu Seba, Abu Dhabi

We don’t need this in the UAE. Look what drugs have done to other countries like the US and UK, among others. Great job by Dubai customs.

Richard Weinberg, Dubai

Keep up the good work Dubai police. You rock!

Cecilia Zapata, Dubai

UN can help bring about peace in our time in Kashmir

With reference to your online story At UN, India and Pakistan joust but are told to resolve Kashmir crisis (August 17), please let them sort out their differences peacefully and quickly.

Name withheld by request

Protect overseas workers from fake agents and abuse

With reference to your story Filipinos urged to avoid job hunting on UAE tourist visas after dozens sent home (August 16), their embassy needs to be more active in protecting them. There are also agencies that exploit these workers.

Emma Bryan, Philippines

The authorities must start holding citizens who take advantage of or abuse overseas workers responsible. There is absolutely no excuse for violating their human rights. If you physically abuse an overseas worker, I recommend penalties of restitution payments and mandatory prison sentences. That will put a stop to any abuse.

James Sullivan, Abu Dhabi

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