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A few stores will not solve India’s unemployment crisis

Our readers have their say on Ikea, Indonesia, Trump and the Petra scammers

Ikea has entered the Indian market. Heinz-Peter Bader / Reuters
Ikea has entered the Indian market. Heinz-Peter Bader / Reuters

Regarding your story Ikea store is a success story for Modi’s ‘Make in India’ (August 5), the Ikea entry into India is not much of a success story for the Modi government’s Make in India platform. The Ikea store has been in the making for seven long years, from 2011 when the opposition was in power. Mr Modi’s government only came into power in 2014.

A few stores are not going to solve India’s unemployment problem. Millions of youngsters have to be absorbed in factories and technology industries.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

The Indonesian earthquake had traumatic consequences

With reference to your story Death toll rises from powerful earthquake on Indonesia’s Lombok as tourists flee (August 7) about the recent earthquake and casualties was sad to read. Thousands of buildings have been damaged, power has been cut and normal life has been disrupted due to the earthquakes.The tremor was powerful and felt on neighbouring islands.

Bali is a famous tourist spot. Indonesia is dependent on tourism revenue and this earthquake will affect its revenue.

As Indonesian authorities rescue trapped people and many hotels where tourists stay are shaken by the tremors, spare a thought for the biggest tragedy to hit Indonesia in recent years. I pray for a return to normality in Indonesia and a speedy recovery for those injured.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

Trump’s whims have no place in modern diplomacy

I write in reference to your article US sanctions reimposed on Iran but Trump ready to meet Rouhani (August 8): what is left for US President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart to talk about? Mr Trump’s offer of a meeting shows the uncertainty attached to his decision to reimpose sanctions on Iran. The time for dialogue ended when sanctions were reintroduced. Such decisions require extremely careful deliberation and analysis. Whim has no role in modern diplomacy.

Name withheld by request

Love bandits are a cautionary tale for vulnerable women

Regarding your story Female tourists fall prey to the ‘love pirates’ of Petra (August 6) about the women who were taken advantage of in Jordan, this is a cautionary tale.

Linda Lo, Abu Dhabi

This has been happening for a long time but at least it is now being reported. Too many foreign female visitors still sadly jump into this trap.

Jeanne Sakhir, Jordan

I blame the women. They accepted the stories they were told. Who told them to lend money to men they were not even married to?

Mari Yah, Dubai

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