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Virat Kohli will enter cricket’s hall of fame

Our readers have their say on cricket, on-screen diversity and Afghanistan's future

India's Virat Kohli celebrates scoring 50 runs against New Zealand at Bay Oval. AP 
India's Virat Kohli celebrates scoring 50 runs against New Zealand at Bay Oval. AP 

I refer to your article Virat Kohli to take a break after India win: 'I couldn’t have asked for a better performance' (January 29). India’s resurgence in both test and one-day cricket is not only due to a dynamic side, fresh from a successful and ­historic ­journey to Australia, but also an in-form captain, who has not shied away from the ­public eye.

Described by many as an ­arrogant young man, the ­record-breaking Mr Kohli has confounded critics with his no nonsense approach to the game and has delivered to make his team a front-runner to capture a third world cup in July.

Boisterous, youthful, leadership qualities are the envy of many contemporary skippers. Mr Kohli is poised to achieve a phenomenal record that will make him an automatic entrant into cricket’s hall of fame.

AR Modak, Johannesburg

Hollywood must catch up on the road to gender equality

I write in reference to your article Hollywood is changing but women still face an uphill battle (January 29). Gavin Esler has elaborately outlined the ways in which Oscar nominations are handled, and how they can be inequitable.

Even though there is tremendous growth in filmmaking, scripting and direction, it is abhorrent how few African-American women directors working in Hollywood are given nominations today.

Across the world, gender discrimination is waning and the film industry should catch up with that trend.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Hopes for Afghanistan as it recovers from years of war

I write in reference to your article US and Taliban agree draft peace framework, top envoy says (January 29).

First of all, we must let the talks be finalised ­successfully. The Taliban knows the inner workings of the Afghan ­government very well and might be reluctant to have any long-term dealings with those currently in power.

Like many other people, I hope peace finds a foothold in a fragile, corruption-ravaged nation that is still recovering from the ­US-led invasion.

Name withheld by request

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