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Dealing with mould is a constant headache

Readers discuss vegetarianism, delivery motorcyclists, Zimbabwe and more

Mould is bound to come back unless water leakages are resolved. Jaime Puebla / The National
Mould is bound to come back unless water leakages are resolved. Jaime Puebla / The National

I refer to your article Can I sue my landlord for making me sick? (November 15). The problem is that the source of the moisture is never addressed. Cleaning up the mould and cleaning the air conditioners is usually not enough. The source of the moisture (unseen water leakages) needs to be dealt with, otherwise the mould will continue to come back. This is a huge problem all over Dubai.

Gregg Flynn, Dubai

It is time for democratic rule to prevail in Zimbabwe

I refer to your article Beleaguered Zimbabwe president in talks with army over his future (November 17). After more than three decades ruling the country, it is mind-boggling that at 93, Mugabe expressed reluctance at resigning. After so many years of autocracy and dictatorship, the people of Zimbabwe should be able to elect their leaders democratically. The army should not have so much power. Indeed, the people have decided it is time for change. Will they follow through?

K Ragavan, India

Doha will have to cave sooner or later

Sooner or later, Qatar will need to give in (Qatar claims it has US backing in Gulf crisis, November 18). Doha will have no choice but to open up about its financing of extremism at some point.

Asyah Elisabeth Meel, Abu Dhabi

Tolerance Bridge is a classic example of UAE's novelty

In reference to your article Sheikh Nahyan unveils Tolerance Bridge over Dubai Canal (November 17), it is initiatives such as these that explain why I still live here after 21 years.

Shirley Ann Doran, Dubai

Where else in the world would such a bridge be built? I am proud to live in the UAE.

Donna Lee Elliott, Dubai

Why not get your own food yourself if you can?

I refer to your article Delivery riders are risking their lives to get your pizza to you (November 17). They should be provided with better protective clothing overall as well. I see some on motorcycles wearing thin trousers, T-shirts and flip-flops. What if an accident were to happen?

Raj Mahay, Abu Dhabi

I don't think it will make a difference. Look at the way many people drive on the roads and what happens in front of convenience stores. People can't wait patiently for their orders to be brought to their cars, or better still, walk up to the store and get their stuff themselves. Why depend on others at all? When it comes to delivery, most of the bikes are faster than cars and they have enough space to pass between vehicles, but the way people drive makes the entire scene chaotic and risky. Moral of the story: get your own stuff where possible.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

Vegetarians often end up with the best meals

I found your article Greener pastures for veggie travellers? to be a fascinating read (November 16). The irony is that they often get the best food because some airlines don’t know how to deal with vegetarianism and as such, give the clients fresh fruit and vegetables.

Patricia Estep, Abu Dhabi

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