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Cats take over the internet

On World Cat Day, Sarah Khamis said social media was taken over by homages to our furry friends.
A sand cat at the Al AIn Zoo. Lauren Lancaster / The National
A sand cat at the Al AIn Zoo. Lauren Lancaster / The National

Cat fans in the Middle East took to Twitter to express their fondness of their favourite adorable creatures on World Cat Day. Users shared beautiful photographs of cats, making some more eager to adopt them.

Some Twitter users, however, expressed sadness about cats that have died. Other users from Saudi Arabia were less than happy about World Cat Day, and wondered why there was no international day for camels.

One user wrote that “it is impossible to own an animal in my family house”. It was a common theme as many expressed their unhappiness about not being allowed or able to have their own pets.

Ultimately, World Cat Day was a time for social media users to share their favourite images of cats. One user even shared a photo taken from Masjid Al Haram (Grand Mosque) in Mecca of a cat resting on a prayer mat. “I was at the masjid yesterday and I saw this beautiful view, which I wanted to share with you,” the user wrote.

Sarah Khamis is The National’s social media editor


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