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Can’t afford the bills? Maybe your house is too big

Readers discuss tax, fatigue, insurance and more

Emiratis have complained that under the current system housing loan waiting times can be as much as ten years. Mona Al Marzooqi / The National
Emiratis have complained that under the current system housing loan waiting times can be as much as ten years. Mona Al Marzooqi / The National

I refer to your article Residents say tax on water and electricity will add to rising utility bills (November 10). I think this article sums up the problem: big villas. My advice is: simply go live in a smaller house, in which bills will become easy to manage. I would love to live in a grand villa but can’t afford it, so I live within my means and my bills are perfectly manageable.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

Drivers must be protected from fatigue, indeed

I refer to your article New law needed to ensure lorry drivers aren't 'dangerously overworked' (November 12). I know a company that made workers work for 24 hours to rotate the shift and they were managing one of the most prestigious projects in Dubai.

The management of the contractor were aware of this but took no action.

Jason Dalmeida, Ras Al Khaimah

Taxi drivers too, please. I have had drivers fall asleep at the wheel and have made them pull over to get coffee or take a short nap while I hail another cab. One cannot blame them.

Malinda Smalberger, Abu Dhabi

Legal loopholes are to blame for scapegoating in India

Your article, Indian schoolboy's murder exposes police prejudice against the poor (November 12), was a shocker to read. It's not so much prejudice, if you ask me, but more contempt towards the rule of law, which allows certain people at the authorities to turn helpless, vulnerable people into scapegoats for the crimes committed by others.

Prayag Pal, Dubai

Insufficient insurance coverage on cancer treatment

I refer to your article Cancer treatment costs often a double blow for patients (November 12). One of the problems is that those on lower pay scales will often have insurance plans with insufficient coverage or plans where the annual limit is low. With the rising costs of chemotherapy drugs, their quota is bound to run out faster than their treatment duration.

Raj Jheeta, Al Ain

There is no reason to fret about the new taxes

I refer to your article Water and electricity bills to be subject to 5 per cent tax (November 8). For those concerned about whether they will be able to save any money after the tax comes into effect, I can assure you that you can. As long as you leave in reasonably priced accommodation, don’t go out all the time, don’t always go on fancy holidays and staycations and hunt for bargains, such as second-hand cars, there is no reason to be broke at the end of the month (if earning the average salary). Why not find a new hobby, like cycling, or join a running club, or go sand-duning or camping instead of constantly splashing your cash at malls and hotels. I find such activities to be way more fun, anyways. Also, cut up your credit cards. If you live within your means, all will be well.

Name withheld by request

It's no wonder that Shish Shawerma is expanding

I refer to your article Founder of Shish Shawerma eyes expansion outside the UAE (November 12). This place has amazing food, especially the bread, but it is a bit too expensive to order from regularly.

Gus Kosta Bougadis, Abu Dhabi

It's little wonder that the founder is looking to expand. The shawermas at his place really are the best I have ever tasted.

Mark Paul Santillan, Abu Dhabi

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