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An imperfect 10

It’s fine to remember the fashions and pop culture of the past, but some things should stay there
Not everything was wonderful in the 1980s. Valery Hache / AFP
Not everything was wonderful in the 1980s. Valery Hache / AFP

The cinema version of the 1980s television series The Equalizer is the latest example of an old idea being rebooted for a new generation. It certainly piqued interest at The National, where the Arts & Life team compiled a list of other 1980s TV shows – such as Knight Rider, Max Headroom and Moonlighting – that deserve a modern makeover.

But, of course, not everything was wonderful in that decade. So, in the interests of balance, we’ve compiled a list of things from the 1980s that we never want to see or hear of again. If you don’t remember any of these aberrations, just be thankful you weren’t there.

The mullet: not so much a haircut as an invitation to ridicule.

Leg-warmers: because we already have socks and stockings.

Padded shoulders: “power dressing” was in no way empowering.

Deely boppers: they were head bands with dangly bits. Why?

Novelty songs: three words –Shaddap You Face.

Stonewashed jeans: paying for a “used” look never makes sense.

Rubik’s cubes: endless hours of pointless frustration.

Break dancing: because the floor is for standing on, not lying down.

Valley girls: because they, like, taught a generation how not to speak.

Any film starring Madonna.

Updated: September 29, 2014 04:00 AM