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Obama should honour all victims

The gun-violence issue in the US is bigger than the Trayvon Martin case, a reader writes. Other topics: peace, jobs for teens and customer service.

A reader says President Barack Obama should focus on all victims of gun violence. Carolyn Kaster / AP
A reader says President Barack Obama should focus on all victims of gun violence. Carolyn Kaster / AP

Jobs in retail will help teenagers and customers

Thank you for Summer jobs in retail for Emirati teenagers (July 22).

Having an Emirati person working in a retail outlet is a bonus, as he or she can immediately identify with the consumers' needs and culture and bring a degree of comfort during the interaction.

Muslims should remember that the Prophet started out as a humble trader, known for his honesty and integrity.

Indeed, most of the prophets had a humble trade - shepherd, carpenter and so on.

We can't all be managers and leaders; society needs a balance across all levels for it to operate efficiently.

Amal Loring, Dubai

Business can put end to apartheid

I refer to Ben White's opinion article, Israel's similarity to South Africa's apartheid is more than skin-deep (July 20).

I lived in South Africa during the apartheid era and have visited Palestine (the West Bank) in the past two years.

The situation for Palestinians is actually far worse than it was for the non-whites in South Africa.

The Afrikaners needed non-white labour; Israel is arranging matters so that they can dispense with all Palestinian labour.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is crucial to change the situation in Palestine.

Only economic pressure which clearly undermines the future viability of an Israel state will have any effect in achieving freedom for the Palestinian people - just as happened in apartheid South Africa.

It was the business community in South Africa who led the way in bringing about the end of apartheid and it will be the business community in Israel who will end apartheid in Palestine.

Name withheld by request

Olive branch is not just symbolic

We are all offering an olive branch to Palestine and to Israel.

Hopefully, the olive trees being planted will grow and be used for the production of olive oil.

This olive oil could be sent to Gaza, to be exported to Europe.

Israeli fresh fruit and flowers from the Negev could also be sent to Europe.

Joint Israeli-Palestinian business ventures could be very profitable for all parties involved. But this can only materialise if there is peace.

Tim Upham, UK

A question about security cameras

In Man who filmed attack on driver arrested (July 19), it says that the footage would not be admissible as evidence in court.

Does this mean that security-camera footage is also inadmissible?

S Watts, Abu Dhabi

Matter of getting emphasis right

I am writing in reference to your article Obama urges 'stemming tide of gun violence' to honour Trayvon Martin (July 16).

The issue should address all victims of gun violence, not just Trayvon Martin.

By coming out with this campaign to honour Trayvon Martin, Mr Obama is implying guilt on the part of George Zimmerman, who was found not guilty.

E Cruz, Dubai

Copying a logo is not good business

I am writing in reference to Don't risk losing out in the name game (July 15), about Facebook considering legal action against a Dubai business called Facelook.

If anybody in business had created their own logo and then someone basically copied it, I don't think they'd be happy.

Chris Murphy, Dubai

Challenge hitch resolved quickly

I'd like to follow up on my previous letter, Diet challenge is already an ordeal (July 22).

The start of the process was a little scary, but since then I have been constantly assured by the organisers that I have been enrolled in the challenge.

I was pleasantly surprised at how my complaint was responded to and how actively it is being followed up.

I guess this is what Dubai is all about: people care and listen to you and are willing to help. Nishah Charania, Dubai