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No one ages gracefully in the NBA play-offs

The veteran teams make it to the NBA play-offs, but this year many of them will not go very deep into the post-season.

There is this popular T-shirt in the United States, usually worn by men with rounded bellies and hairlines that converge to the middle of their heads, that reads: Old Guys Rule.

Alas, if it were only true, Adriana Lima would have been chasing after me instead of a Serbian basketball player.

Old in the NBA is what you might call relative. Kobe Bryant is fairly old at 32, but Jason Kidd is old at 38 while Shaquille O'Neal is even older at 39.

The Boston Celtics are old, and I am pretty sure it is a requirement for team entry. They looked old last year, of course, and then made it all the way to Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

They look even older now. They just went 11-10 to finish off the regular season. That is not called rolling into the post-season.

I think the old teams are in trouble. If the Celtics are not upset by the New York Knicks in the first round, then they will be by the Miami Heat in the second.

The Los Angeles Lakers are pretty old, with Bryant and Derek Fisher (37) in the backcourt, but Fisher's been old now for 10 years, so he doesn't really count.

I suspect the Dallas Mavericks, however, are in big trouble. Of course, every post-season the Mavericks are in trouble.

Something about the regular season to the post-season has not translated over the past three years in Texas, where they have been knocked out in the first or second round.

Guess you could say it is an old story.