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Muslim youths favour Modi

A reader argues that Narendra Modi has been able to earn the trust of Muslim voters. Other topics: driving, Israel, Hamid Karzai, Dubai property

A reader says Narendra Modi’s administrative records make him one of the strongest prime ministerial candidates in the forthcoming election in India. Tsering Topgyal / AP Photo
A reader says Narendra Modi’s administrative records make him one of the strongest prime ministerial candidates in the forthcoming election in India. Tsering Topgyal / AP Photo

The opinion article Can Narendra Modi mobilise the Muslim vote in the election? (March 19) was interesting. Despite him being cleared over the Gujarat riots, Congress and other parties are harping on this issue to dissuade people from voting for him.

Gujarat has shown improvement over the years and in the previous election Muslims voted for Mr Modi, although the percentage was not high.

Today, the majority of educated Muslim youths favour Mr Modi as they look forward to a change in their status. They trust Mr Modi because of his past administration records. Above all, Mr Modi’s party, the BJP, has many Muslim leaders. Let’s wait for the election results.

K Ragavan, US

Punishment needed to curb traffic violations

I am commenting on the news report 4,000 jump traffic lights (March 19). As long as these violators are allowed to drive freely and are not sent to prison for at least two or three months, the problem will not go away.

In Europe, you get a big ticket and lose your licence for two years if you commit serious violations. If you still do not learn, you can land in prison for six months. This is the only way to stop people from endangering others’ lives.

Kim Falck Petersen, Abu Dhabi

The traffic authorities should also focus on pedestrian crossings close to schools. Some drivers have no respect for those signs and drive blindly through.

Ameerah Jolene-Ann van Heerden, Dubai

Ensure safety of your children

It’s shocking that another child has fallen to his death from a high-rise (Boy, 4, dies after fall from Sharjah residential tower, March 14). I feel sad for this poor child and his family. May his soul rest in peace. I think it has little to do with window sizes. The main problem is carelessness on the part of the parents.

Tatiana Efremova, Dubai

I am sure the parents are going through a very hard and troubled time. So we shouldn’t increase their pain by accusing them. Moreover, this can happen to anybody.

Shafaq Iqbal, Sharjah

Dubai property shows promise

The article Best property price gains in Dubai are done and dusted (January 17) was superb. I agree that it feels like the market has become a bit more steady in the past few months. But there are few factors that indicate that the property sector is very stable and set to grow. For example, the geopolitical situation in the region and beyond makes Dubai property market one of the most attractive.

Also, the European economy is bumpy at the moment, which makes Dubai an attractive destination for property investors.

Name withheld by request

Israel poses grave danger to region

Benjamin Netanyahu continues to further his geostrategic ambitions by aborting the Middle East peace talks prior to President Obama’s April deadline.

Mr Netanyahu is determined to continue with his dangerous escalation of settlement activity in pursuance of his “Greater Israel project” that is illegal under international law. And that means slapping both Mr Kerry and Mr Obama in the face.

The Likud leader is also determined to hold on to Jerusalem as an exclusive Israeli asset in violation of UN Resolution 181 that determined its status as an international city.

Which is now the greatest threat to world peace: Russia, Ukraine, Syria, North Korea or Israel backed by its lobbies in Washington and London and with up to 400 undeclared nuclear warheads plus its German-supplied Dolphin submarines patrolling the Mediterranean?

Anthony Bellchambers, UK

US military has protected Karzai

This refers to the article In final address to parliament, Afghanistan’s Karzai slams US (March 15).

If not for the 2001 US led liberation of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai would never have returned to Afghanistan. Mr Karzai could not have accomplished anything without the International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) and NGOs.

It will be interesting to see how long he remains in an Afghanistan protected by the military he claims can maintain security. Americans are praying for their sons and daughters to come home.

Name withheld by request