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Morsi made a dangerous move

Mohammed Morsi's claim to sweeping new powers raises the risk that Egypt could be plunged into absolutism, a reader says. Other letters deal with National Day, oil spills, car decorations and Jeremy Lin.

A Tahrir Square protester's sign ("No to a dictator …") expresses outrage against Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi. The president must renounce his claim to extraordinary powers, a reader says. Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters
A Tahrir Square protester's sign ("No to a dictator …") expresses outrage against Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi. The president must renounce his claim to extraordinary powers, a reader says. Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters

'This is a land of opportunities and luck for all'

As National Day approaches I am moved to say that I will treasure forever my time in this beautiful country over the past five years.

This is a happy place for all of us to live. Emiratis have a respected heritage but the country also offers a modern lifestyle, from desert safaris to jet skiing, off-roading, quad biking, concerts, shopping and festivals.

It seems to me that this is a land of opportunities and luck for all. People who landed with nothing have become something here.

And it is a peaceful country.

I have special memories of the UAE: both of my children were born here and I have flourished in my profession. I love the UAE.

Maheen Abbas, Abu Dhabi

A busy day ahead for tow lorries?

I am writing in reference to Traffic police raining on Dubai's motor parade (November 28).

I think the police are going to need to prepare some more tow lorries (or maybe a car carrier or three) to handle all the vehicles they impound on the spot, if last year's Corniche parade offers any indication.

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

Don't lump us in with the British

I refer to Britons embrace the UAE (November 28).

As an Australian I was offended by that report.

It is insulting to lump Australians in with the British.

We are a nation in our own right. We deserve our own demographic, just like the other various nations listed.

Many Australians living in the UAE are not of British descent. An Australian republic cannot come soon enough for us.

AE Vass, Abu Dhabi

NBA star Lin has talent and humility

It was good news that Jeremy Lin hits form as Houston rocket to win over Raptors (November 28).

This fine player is finally flourishing in his new environment.

Lin has now proved that he is a "franchise player" and a strong contender to be an all-star, though he is humble enough to say that he still has a lot to learn before being considered for this year's All-Star Game this year in Houston.

Good luck to him and his teammates.

T Namdhak, Nepal

Police should know the law

A few days back I had my car decorated for National Day.

But then I wanted to be sure the adornments met safety norms, so I visited the Barsha police station. There I was told that not only would I be fined, but that thousands of cars were going to be impounded for unsafe decorations.

I was aghast. But then the police station reception desk person sent me to an inspector, who looked at photos of my car and said it would be fine, no violation.

And then the inspector sent me to someone even more senior, who was very kind and polite and confirmed that there was no reason to worry.

It is unfortunate that perceptions on this subject vary from one policeman to another.

Imran Owais Kazmi, Dubai

Don't blame big oil for all spills

Shell takes our responsibilities in Nigeria, and wherever we operate in the world, very seriously.

In Clean up the mess: big oil must always be held accountable (November 30) Jeffrey Sachs is quite right to draw attention to the environmental devastation caused by oil spills.

But he fails to acknowledge the major cause of those spills. Widespread criminality, much of it organised, is responsible for the great majority of oil spilt - this criminality and the damage it does is the real tragedy of the Niger Delta.

Theft of crude from oil pipelines, and illegal refining in the Delta, cause far more pollution than spills related to operational problems.

Shell is committed to cleaning up all spills from our facilities, no matter what the cause, and we are already addressing the recommendations of the UNEP report which were specifically directed at our Nigerian subsidiary.

But at the same time, the Nigerian authorities at every level need to step up their efforts to combat the criminality that blights the Delta.

Ali Khan, Dubai, spokesman for Shell

Morsi must yield on extra powers

Mohammed Morsi thinks he will satisfy his opponents by backing off a little (Morsi tries to calm rising anger over decree, November 30) but it will not work.

He grabbed power to which he had no right, and should return to his former set of powers or resign. If not, Egypt is in danger of slipping into absolutist government.

Frank Burkhardt, US