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Modesty in the sun

The "no bikini" dress code for beaches in Ras Al Khaimah has drawn mixed reaction among readers, from support to deep concern. Other letter topics today: women in India, the challenge of motherhood, the crisis in Myanmar, and hunting in the UAE.

A move by officials in Ras Al Khaimah to ban bikinis at beaches has drawn mixed reviews. Silvia Razgova / The National
A move by officials in Ras Al Khaimah to ban bikinis at beaches has drawn mixed reviews. Silvia Razgova / The National

Mixed reactions to the bikini ban in Ras Al Khaimah

The initiative described in Bikini ban for RAK public beaches (April 23) is long overdue. The UAE should be more concerned with preserving its culture and heritage than trying to cater to the needs of tourists.

The beauty of any country is in its traditions.

If you take that away then what unique characteristics do you have to draw tourists into your land?

Alveena Salim, Dubai

Ras Al Khaimah promotes itself as a tourism and relaxation hub, and its main attraction is the beach.

Who will come to swim now?

Christina Lambi, Dubai

Why is everyone complaining?

Due to the vast amount of liberty and respect given to foreigners, expatriates keep forgetting that this country is Islamic. It is not Las Vegas.

Saif Al Suwaida, Sharjah

Women in India need protection

I am writing in reference to Soumik Mukherjee's opinion article, Indian culture, not chow mein, is to blame for sex crimes (April 21).

There seems to be a culture of impunity in India. Judging by the recent cases of sexual violence, it is not surprising that during riots women have been raped en masse.

How could India even be called a democracy when it allows such atrocities to go unpunished, or when society turns a blind eye?

The Indian entertainment industry, which often objectifies women, has a share in the blame.

In Indian culture, women - mothers, sisters - are treated in high regard by society. Unfortunately, the string of recent abuse cases in urban areas paint a picture of violence that India must address.

Joe Burns, Dubai

Tip for new mums: ask others for help

I am writing in response to the Married Life column, Here it is: proof that all parents lie (April 22).

Motherhood does come naturally as long as new parents start off by asking other mums for advice.

In hospital, shortly after having my first child, I asked the other mums for their sage wisdom. Then the next lot of new mums asked me.

Parents often compare ideas and hints and helpful tricks about raising children.

Ursula Riches, UK

'Topless' activism only does harm

We don't need 'help' of topless protesters (April 13) really grabbed my attention.

The writer, Shelina Zahra Janmohamed, has expressed clearly how the antics of a few women are not helping Muslim women who choose to be covered.

Rim Hassan, Dubai

Where's the sport in hunting resort?

I am concerned about the situation described in First hunting resort to open in UAE (March 26)

Unfortunately there are practically no more gazelles or other endangered Arabian ungulates being born in the wild in the UAE.

The animals that will be hunted in the resort will be tame, and bred in captivity. They will probably not even run if a gun is put to their heads.

This doesn't sound very sporting.

Name withheld by request

Vehicle value is hard to measure

Your article, Rare Dh14.4m Lamborghini Veneno snapped up by UAE buyer (April 22) got me thinking about value.

I've heard that Toyota is launching a special edition car which will trump even this beast; it will cost almost 100 times as much as the Corolla model it is based on.

U Ubaid, Abu Dhabi

Do more to end Myanmar violence

Myanmar unrest is 'ethnic cleansing' of Rohingya Muslim minority: HRW (April 23) was unsettling.

The on-going crisis in Myanmar and the atrocities created by the group of Buddhists killing Muslims must come to an end, and normal life must be restored as early as possible.

The recent report by Human Rights Watch detailing this ethnic violence should compel the international community to act.

K Ragavan, India