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Merger between Aldar and Sorouh good for investors

The merger of Aldar and Sorouh can prove beneficial to investors in stalled projects Such as Empire Tower. Other topics: Dubai tenants, Nimr project and BlackBerry 10.

A reader says BlackBerry 10 will help the phone manufacturer to stay in the competition. Nathan Denette / AP Photo
A reader says BlackBerry 10 will help the phone manufacturer to stay in the competition. Nathan Denette / AP Photo

It's good to learn that the merger of Aldar and Sorouh could free up stalled projects in Abu Dhabi and that the new merged entity is rethinking its strategy as mentioned in your article, Abu Dhabi's new property giant could breathe life into stalled projects (January 22).

I believe the new entity will look into the woes of the buyers of apartments in Empire Tower in Al Shams. Since Sorouh is the master developer of this area, the company should force or help Empire Holdings to complete the project or refund the hard-earned money to the buyers.

I am one of the victims. I paid 25 per cent of the cost of the flat that I booked at the Empire Tower project on Abu Dhabi's Reem Island. The project was stalled about three years ago. There must be hundreds of people like me who have invested in it. It is really essential that the Government does something to help the unfortunate investors, so that they don't have to go to court.

In fact, taking legal action is not an option for individuals like me, who no longer live in the UAE.

Surender Nath, Doha

We must try to save our planet

I am referring to Middle East snow, extreme heatwaves and UAE fog: what's going on with the weather? (January 29). Man is to blame for much of these extreme weather conditions across the world.

In the UK, for example, skies are often streaked with a metallic haze, caused by aircraft. We are often told that these are normal fuel emissions. Even if so, they harm our environment. We need to address these core issues in order to save our planet.

Ursula Riches, UK

Dubai tenants no longer powerful

I was surprised at the description of the Dubai property market as being "predominantly tenant-led" in your story Dubai property prices rocket, with rents up 17 per cent in 2012 (January 28).

I wouldn't say that tenants are very powerful now.

Paul Hewings, Dubai

BlackBerry will survive in market

BlackBerry 10 launch: world gets a glimpse of RIM's 'reinvention' (January 31) is good news for everybody.

The latest model will help BlackBerry to survive the competition in new handsets.

But I am happy with my old handset with its keyboard. I am used to it.

Azia Al Buasidy, Dubai