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Mawaqif complaints are hard to resolve

A reader says Mawaqif should show more professionalism when users have problems. Among today's other letter topics: Turkey, the bikini ban, Justin Bieber, Israel and tinting.

A reader says Mawaqif should try to address customers' grievances more efficient. Sammy Dallal / The National
A reader says Mawaqif should try to address customers' grievances more efficient. Sammy Dallal / The National

Mawaqif should pay attention to customer service

I thought Mawaqif was trying to improve its image.

I'm afraid that this is far from the case as far as I am concerned. Over the past two weeks, I have twice been issued violation tickets even though I had a valid M-Ticket. Both tickets were issued in the same area.

I tried to send an email to the address given on the website, but it bounced. I finally managed to get through to the call centre, only to be told that all I could do was go to a customer service centre.

I went to the customer service centre and after waiting in a queue for 30 minutes I explained my problem. I was told that I would receive an SMS cancelling my fine. But I haven't received any message so far.

The second violation ticket I received was this weekend, so I have to go through the whole procedure again. Each occasion like this costs me two to three hours of my time, which is both inconvenient and expensive.

I would have thought that with the supposedly high-tech systems that are operated by Mawaqif - which clearly do not work properly - this type of problem could be resolved "online" and would not necessitate time-consuming visits to the customer care centre.

Jeremy Weeks, Abu Dhabi

Bieber show was mismanaged

Shame on you, Done Events and Justin Bieber management (Bieber thrill fans at first of two Dubai gigs, May 5).

Twenty-five thousand people paid good money and turned up on time for the biggest concert Dubai has ever seen.

Everybody was told that the gates would open at 6pm and the show would start at 8pm. The organiser probably knew well that the show would not start until 10pm and even had the arrogance to show a clock countdown on the screen for the 10pm start.

Michael W, Dubai

It appears Bieber's young fans were kept up way past their bedtime due to a two-hour delay in proceedings.

Bring on Sandance this weekend when music, not just hype, fills our airwaves.

David Jay, Ras Al Khaimah

Israel has no right to strike Syria

Israel violated the sovereignty of Syria by launching attacks inside its territory (Bombings by Israel raise stakes in Syria conflict, May 6).

Who is Israel to strike Syrian targets and what is the UN doing? If Israel can strike Syria today, I bet it can strike any country in the Middle East in the name of "self-defence" whenever it wants. What is the western world doing?

Amir Nawaz, Dubai

Ban on Musharraf is regrettable

Peshawar High Court's ruling on April 30 that effectively resulted in Pervez Musharraf being banned from politics for life is absurd.

Just see the mammoth support he enjoys on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

God save Pakistan.

Nuzhat Zia, Dubai

Turkey's beaches are wonderful

Having lived in Dalyan, Turkey, for four years, I can attest to the exceptional beauty of the area and the friendliness of the local people (Top 10 beach holidays in Turkey, May 3).

Not just Dalyan, but all of the holiday destinations along the southern coast of Turkey are great.

Ken Curtis, France

Nothing wrong in bikini ban

I don't understand what exactly is the problem here (Bikini ban on Ras Al Khaimah's public beaches, April 22).

It is the right of the government of every country to apply any law which it thinks is appropriate in the context of its culture and tradition. I think it is better this way.

I love the beach but I don't want to go there because of all the unsightly activities. I get embarrassed when my nephew says, "look these people are not wearing anything. Are they poor?"

There are similar laws all over the world that oblige tourists and residents to respect local traditions and sentiment. France banned the hijab, but that did not affect its tourism.

Ayesha Al Blooshi, Abu Dhabi

Dark tinting of car windows essential

It is impossible to survive the scorching summer heat in the Emirates without dark tints on car windows (Drivers in the dark over too much tint, May 6).

Even good quality tinting only partially helps to keep the heat at bay.

Moiz SA, Sharjah