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Marking a sacred day that goes unnoticed

Readers respond to The National's coverage

The article Mohammed: a blessed name for a blessed day (February 16) was timely. I was wondering why no such articles appeared in other renowned dailies of UAE.

Perhaps we are so very busy with routine news stories that we forgot the most important day for many Muslims.

Irfan Ahmed, Dubai


Mawaqif must get its act together


Among the many hardships car owners have faced by Mawaqif, the most recent is that it does not have any provision to refund money for cancelled resident parking permits Drivers have permits but nowhere to park the car (February 16). It is worrisome that those who change residence or sell their vehicles will not get any refund for the remaining period of the permit's validity.

I approached the Mawaqif office in Marina Mall to claim a refund for the remaining seven months of my residence parking permit, as I had sold the car. The counter executive told me there is no provision for refunds. However, I was told that a report would be sent to the head office. It has been almost two months and I am still waiting for a solution.

Another painful experience is that Mawaqif has given up on sector E1. I live very close to the New Central Market and since November, there have been no checks in this sector, and no traffic wardens to be seen here. Permit holders find it highly nerve wracking to go about looking for parking only to find non-permit holders, pickups, vans and taxis parked in places marked for permit holders. If Mawaqif is unable to manage this particular area, it should refund car owners who have paid and are not being provided with the service.

SQ Hasan, Abu Dhabi

Geologists make more sense on oil

I think I'll take the evaluations of lifetime geologists and oil companies from Exxon Mobil and Shell before giving much credence to an "economist" Peak oil believers put their faith in leaky arguments (February 15).

I would be interested in knowing whether the author predicted the recent financial crash.

Alan Beattle, Abu Dhabi

Jordan's ethnic divisions old news

I didn't undestand the aim of this article: Upheavals highlight tension between Jordan's Palestinians and 'East Bankers' (February 16).

Was it to highlight the existing tension between both sects or to reveal some new sort of tension due to the current economic and political turmoil?

The fact is, there has always been tension between the "Palestinian Jordanians" and the "East Bankers" since the war of Black September. However, this tension has decreased over the past decade and a new generation of Jordanians, like myself, are trying to bury this kind of bigotry and look at the bright side regarding the future of our country.

The statements of the two scholars interviewed in this article don't support the title. Nor does it reflect what's going in Jordan right now or the view of the general public.

In a nutshell, all Jordanians are now united in the aftermath of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

So, since we are in the process of political reform, this is coming from a Jordanian - not a "Palestinian Jordanian" nor an "East Banker".

Yazan Al Tamimi, Jordan

Question over Logos mission

My claims about the Logos Hope ship are not exaggerated Charity ship Logos Hope docks in Dubai (February 10) as a reader's response claimed Library complaint is exaggerated (February 16). If what Ms Ursula Garrow-Kennedy writes, that "Logos Hope has books for all colours, races and creeds" is true, where were the copies of the Quran, Torah, Upanishads, or Tripitaka?

Umm Hamza, Abu Dhabi

Partitioning tribes of Afghanistan

With regard to Balkanisation of Afghanistan cuts against the grain (February 17), one should take a harder look at the history of that area.

The south of Afghanistan was a predominantly Hazara area but Abdurrahman took them by force. Just have a look at the newspapers at that time. Pashtuns came from India and did not belong to the area that we call Afghanistan now. The partition of Afghanistan is the best solution.

Alex A, Abu Dhabi