x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Many problems have arisen with Mawaqif parking

Readers respond to The National's coverage

In reference to the news article Drivers have permits but nowhere to park the car (February 16), Mawaqif made my life a nightmare since it was introduced in my area.

I have been living in the same building on the Corniche for the past 13 years and never had trouble finding a parking spot.

But after the introduction of Mawaqif in the area last year, it is now impossible to find a parking spot after 9pm. I've had more than six fines in the past few months because I had to park next to a yellow kerb, or spend the night sleeping in my car.

CY, Abu Dhabi

Mawaqif takes people's money and gives them more pain and less parking in return. Before applying parking rules and regulations and taking parking fees from people, provide the parking spots first.

Tariq Jallad, Abu Dhabi

Children blessed on birthday

The article Blessed name for a blessed day (February 16) reported on infants born in Abu Dhabi on the Prophet's birthday and named Mohammed, or Ayesha after the Prophet's wife. This was nice article with a lovely picture of little Mohammed al Zaabi. Lucky mothers!

Also it was good to read how Arab Muslims continue to bless their children with sensible and meaningful names that reflect their religion and - point to be noted - a single first name, whether it be Mohammed or Ayesha.

In India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it's become almost fashionable now for Muslims to name their children with two and sometimes three "first names".

F Baasleim, Dubai

Library complaint is exaggerated

In reference to Charity ship Logos Hope docks in Dubai (February 10), someone wrote a the letter to the editor Complaint about floating library (February 14) complaining because the ship, which has sailed around the world, displays some "Christian books".

Nobody makes people look at or buy any books , whether they be Muslim-based or Christian- based. In the end, the ship is supporting charity, which surely is the main objective, regardless of which belief you follow.

Name Withheld by Request

The letter writer could have used the computer at the Logos Hope coffee shop to register her complaint instead of using The National. Logos Hope has a crew of 400 volunteers travelling around the world.

It was a privilege to go on board at Port Rashid, buy books and meet some of the crew. The books are excellent value and there is a large range to satisfy most people.

Logos Hope has books for all colours, races and creeds.

Ursula Garrow-Kennedy, Dubai

Issues about Valentine's Day

In reference to Valentine's Day stirs local hearts the most (February 14), I'm a local. I didn't even know Valentine's Day was coming and definitely did not plan to do anything.

Amna Aldaheri, Abu Dhabi

I refer to the article Restaurants flooded by 'dry' Valentine's bookings (February 14) in which managers lamented the loss of beverage sales since alcohol was prohibited on the eve of the Prophet's birthday. For goodness sake, they make me so mad, these overpriced restaurants, whinging about not being able to sell grossly overpriced drinks to people on the 14th. If people were celebrating, they went out on the 13th and spent their money then. Start giving us food deals that are worth the money and we'll come. If you don't, we won't.

Lizzie English, Abu Dhabi

'Rev heads' are a constant menace

The article Speeding drivers take to the Palm (February 15) reported that residents of the Palm Jumeirah's Golden Mile are suffering sleepless nights because of noisy sports cars and motorcycles.

This is not the only place that this happens. Jumeirah Beach Road, all along the Jumeira Beach Residences, constantly has cars and motorbikes sitting at the traffic lights, revving their engines, in anticipation of the green signal, so they can scream off to the next set of traffic lights.

The later it gets, the worse it gets. Between that and the constant blaring of horns, this is another residential area taken over by "rev heads".

Name Withheld By Request

Knife and board are prime gadgets

In reference to Well-equipped (February 16), I agree with the top of the list of kitchen gadgets. A microplane grater is No 1 in my book, followed by digital scales, food processor and ricer. I defy anyone who likes cooking not to indulge in the occasional gadget splurge. But my cook's knife and chopping board are the things I use most often.

Sally Prosser , Dubai