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Manny Ramirez quitting is just par for troubled player

Manny Ramirez retiring rather than facing the music for failing another banned performance-enhancing drug test is just the final straw in the troublesome star's career.

Like every team before them, the Tampa Bay Rays thought they could solve the riddle that is Manny Ramirez. And, like every team before them, Ramirez eventually made them look like fools.

Just a week into the 2011 season, Ramirez abruptly quit rather than face the consequences of yet another failed test under baseball's drug policy.

Ramirez tested positive during spring training and when first informed of the result in the second week of his team's build up to the regular season, lied to the Rays and told them he needed to take care of a family issue.

A day later, facing a 100-game suspension as a repeat offender (and the prospect of forfeiting nearly two-thirds of his salary for the season), he retired, leaving the Rays in shock and without their projected clean-up hitter.

Ramirez's act got tired a long time ago, of course. He has bounced around four different franchises since July 31, 2008, and at each stop he has found himself in the middle of conflict and controversy.

Too often, Ramirez thought about himself and not his teammates. He has faked or invented injury, clashed with his employer and generally made himself a distraction.

He will be properly remembered as one of the greatest right-handed hitters of the modern era, and as one of dumbest, with the distinction of being the only player to fail a performance enhancing drug test three different times.