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Loving local art

Buyers' focus on Dubai and other regional art centers has led Abu Dhabi to be overlooked by official art guides, a reader writes. Other letter topics: Gender equality, nature births, Myanmar Muslims and education reform.

A reader inquires about art galleries in Abu Dhabi Art, such as Manarat Al Saadiyat . Pawan Singh / The National
A reader inquires about art galleries in Abu Dhabi Art, such as Manarat Al Saadiyat . Pawan Singh / The National

A positive step for UAE women

Your article Compulsory board seats for women at UAE firms a 'huge step' forward (December 11) tells of a great initiative.

While some may argue against affirmative action, and say change will occur organically, the experience in many other countries shows that that is just not true.

Male-dominated boards simply don't even consider female candidates, no matter how qualified they may be.

Women make up half the population and they make many of the household decisions, including those about which products and services to buy.

It only makes sense, then, that there are women on the boards of the companies that provide those products and services.

Jane Rogers, Dubai

Childbirth should not be 'scheduled'

Regarding Mothers make date for special deliveries (December 11), I think parents should give proper consideration to the delivery of their precious babies.

Some parents have no choice and a C-section is required to save the life of mother or baby.

But the thinking that a baby is like a bag of groceries waiting to be delivered is very sad for the baby.

With a normal delivery, it is sure the baby is ready to be born - for example that its lungs and other organs are mature enough.

As the baby passes through the birth canal it ingests bacteria that help to populate the intestines and keep the baby healthy.

Twisting as the baby passes through the canal stimulates the baby's reflex system so they don't develop sensory problems.

Lastly, there is some suggestion that babies born in the natural way produce more of a protein called UCP2 which is linked to memory development and storage.

Parents: if it is not necessary for a C-section, protect your baby by giving it a normal birth.

AK Wells, Abu Dhabi

Murky truth for Myanmar Muslims

I am writing regarding Under fire: the savage persecution of Myanmar's Muslim Rohingya (December 8), which chronicles an ongoing tragedy in Myanmar.

Since 1982, Muslims have not been allowed to go from one village to another for any reason without permission from the Rakhine Buddhist officials.

If this is the case, how could they have committed the rape and murder alleged in the story? If evidence, such as the dead woman's clothes, is still available, DNA testing could be done to identify the guilty person or persons.

At the moment, these officials are blaming Muslims without proof.

N Howard, Dubai

Education about more than stickers

It is difficult to know where to begin to comment on Flexible education can only be a good thing for the UAE (December 12), comparing the education systems in the US and the UK.

I suppose the simplest observation one can make is: isn't it comforting to know that years of research into academic standards and rigours can be reduced to a smiley sticker next to one's name?

Maggie Hannan, Abu Dhabi

How about a local art buying guide?

Your Guide to collecting art from the Middle East (November 22) was informative, but I'd like some advice on where to view and purchase original art in Abu Dhabi that is not astronomical in price.

Lynda Mowbray, Abu Dhabi