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Loved the Grand Prix, waiting for the next act

A reader enjoyed the F1 race but hopes to see some big performing arts events in the UAE. Other letter topics: road safety, corruption in India and property prices.

A reader congratulates Kimi Raikkonen on his F1 win and wonders what's next for Abu Dhabi. Ali Haider / EPA
A reader congratulates Kimi Raikkonen on his F1 win and wonders what's next for Abu Dhabi. Ali Haider / EPA

I am not a motorsport fan, but I must admit that I really enjoyed the Formula One Grand Prix - albeit by watching on television rather than being at the venue.

It really was a thriller. While I believe that Mark Webber was very unlucky to be caught up in an accident not of his own making, it was great to see Kimi Raikkonen take the chequered flag.

For both him and the Lotus team it was a real win for the underdogs.

As your editorial, The finish line (November 5) said, the race has helped put Abu Dhabi on the map.

I really hope we see more big events come our way - not just sporting championships, but arts events, too.

I would love to see a major symphony orchestra or world-class opera or ballet company performing in the UAE.

P Mack, Abu Dhabi

Property prices don't always rise

When reading Top tips on how to buy a property in the UAE (November 3), I was drawn to the line: "Then, assuming the property market continues to increase in value ..."

That's a huge assumption right now.

I Fletcher, Abu Dhabi

Corruption fight is key to India's future

I am writing in reference to A small man takes on the high and mighty (October 31).

Indian corruption crusader Anna Hazare recently said that Arvind Kejriwal may never want to be wealthy, but he is not above being lured by power.

These remarks are not very encouraging to the people who back the nation's continuing anti-corruption drive.

In India, neither Mr Kejriwal nor Mr Hazare is seen as a power-hungry person.

They are both very much part of a nationwide drive to fight the corruption menace that has been deep-rooted in the bureaucracy at various levels in the world's largest democracy.

Mr Hazare and Mr Kejriwal must travel through India to enlighten the masses about their true intentions in campaigning against corruption.

The dishonesty among politicians and bureaucrats must be halted so India can be returned to its past glory.

This requires supports from people of all walks of life.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Safety belts give a chance of survival

We do not know all the facts of the recent terrible accident (Road tragedy in Oman, November 4).

However, in addition to your editorial comments, it should be noted that defensive driving also includes wearing seat belts.

Seat belts save lives.

When all passengers are safely strapped in their seats, they have a far greater chance of surviving even a horrible crash.

Cora Yanacek, Abu Dhabi

Thumbs up for DVD deliverers

Like many expatriates who live in the UAE, I miss having easy access to films and television shows from my homeland.

Of course, there are many satellite channels that offer a wide variety of foreign programming, from comedies to dramas, documentaries and nature programmes.

However, there are times I have a burning desire to see a particular favourite movie or catch up on a TV series - and to do it at my own pace in my own place.

That's why I was interested to read about Lime Box (Dubai firm delivers a one-hour DVD service, November 4).

While I wonder about the long-term viability of DVD hire in the internet age, I hope it is not too long before this company realises its plans to extend the service beyond Dubai.

R Buettel, Abu Dhabi

Observation on Kabul cabbies

I don't agree with the main assertion in the story Kabul cabbies can also be kidnappers (November 5).

Every Kabul taxi driver I have ever had has been good to me and taken care of me.

They can't get near the airport if they are kidnappers. The airport has security in which the cabs go through a checkpoint and there are a lot of cameras. I get in cabs there frequently.

As far as food poisoning goes, typhoid, salmonella and Helicobacter pylori have all made their way into my life.

However, I recently got sick from eating at an event at a newly constructed venue where there was only one flushing toilet and no running water.

The guests themselves were the source of the problem, as nobody could wash their hands.

I have used all the delivery services in Kabul, and been to all the places mentioned, and I have never had any issues.

J Moore, Afghanistan