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Lo Manthang will inspire only the avid traveller

A reader urges Indian politicians to rise above individual levels and focus on broader issues. Other topics: Nepal, kerb extension, maids, retirees

A reader deplores the inability of politicians such as Sonia Gandhi to rise above politics of accusations. Sanjay Kanojia / AFP
A reader deplores the inability of politicians such as Sonia Gandhi to rise above politics of accusations. Sanjay Kanojia / AFP

I was enthralled by Rabi Thapa’s travelogue, Taking the Lo road in Mustang, Nepal (May 3).

Every year, thousands of tourists flock Nepal to get a glimpse of Everest, trek the Himalayas, or visit the popular Chitwan National Park. But very few would think of visiting an obscure place like Lo Manthang.

What’s more, the fantastic description by the writer of the almost barren place makes me realise that trips to those places sometimes can be more enjoyable than visiting popular shopping destinations of the world and bustling modern cities. But fortunately very few are drawn by the barren and rugged beauties of nature.

Would Lo Manthang have retained its pristine beauty if everyone started liking it the way the writer did? There are many such “secret universes” on Earth. Let them remain secret to most people. Let them continue to inspire those who love to travel, who will not pose any threat to them.

Iris Smith, Abu Dhabi

Kerb extensions a cause for concern

Surveyors appear to be marking out kerb extensions in the Adco block on the Corniche in Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi. While kerb extensions are a great idea, they need to be balanced against retaining an adequate number of parking spaces. Already, residents of this block have to drive round and round in search of a space, at most times of the day.

The white surveyor markings are painted near 12 parking spots on one corner alone. I fear the loss of these spaces and more.

If the road and pavement changes that occurred in the Prestige Cars/FANR block across the street are anything to go by, then I am concerned that similar changes in the Adco block will override residents’ needs.

Across the way, pavements were widened in front of a building with little pedestrian traffic, with the loss of many parking spots. Additionally, a bus lay-by was paved over, removing a safe spot for school buses and taxis to wait. Now school buses and taxis stop directly in the road. Surely such alterations can be balanced against practicality.

Name withheld by request

No simple solution to maids’ issue

What happened to the parents is sad (‘Why did you kill our daughter?’ Parents beg for reason outside Dubai courtroom, May 2). No one could have expected that the outcome of restraining someone from visiting home would be this. The maid deserves harsh punishment for killing the innocent child, who was entirely dependent on her. It’s astonishing that being a mother herself, she could take this terrible step.

While there is no way to justify her action, it can be traumatic for a person not to be able to go home after hearing about the death of a parent. The couple told her not to go home because there was no one to look after the child. That seems to be the reason for her to kill the child. She thought it’s because of the child that she could not perform the last rites of her mother. It’s a very complex psychological issue, which cannot be explained easily. She is clearly repentant about her action as she started to cry upon seeing the parents.

How to stop these crimes when we are unable to fathom what might trigger such behaviour? How a person will react in a particular situation depends on one’s mental make up. Are exemplary punishments the only solution?

Name withheld by request

India elections all about individuals

National issues should be dominating the Indian elections. Unfortunately, it’s the politicians’ personal lives that seem to be in the limelight. Almost every day, Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul launch a tirade against the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. Mrs Gandhi’s daughter, Priyanka, has also entered the fray. She is almost visceral in her scathing attacks on Mr Modi. Priyanka holds no party or government position. Yet she is leading the attack from the front.

The Gandhi family has raised questions over Mr Modi’s marital status. These comments and issues serve no purpose. It is sad that important issues such as economy, unemployment, poverty, infrastructure and health care have taken a back seat.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

Retirees can play an important role

I am heartened to see such an important dialogue taking place (Emirati seniors can contribute to private firms, May 4).

In addition to private sector absorption, I would suggest initiatives that have been extraordinarily successful in western markets: the establishment of community-based NGOs that serve as incubators and facilitators for experienced retirees to act as mentors and be seconded – at no cost – to qualified SMEs, often called “senior corps”. Retirees and mature workers volunteer their time and talent to help build this next generation of innovation and economic drivers, contributing in a rewarding and meaningful way while remaining connected to contemporary developments. I hope that the UAE will consider the introduction of such important initiatives.

Elan Fabbri, Dubai