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Workout Playlist: The Readers' Sequel

We shared some of our workout songs with you, and polled you for yours.

When Dubai parents John and Rachel Savage had their baby, Layla, they had a hard time finding washable nappies that were easy to use, but found them in a British company called TotsBots, and they then formed a business to bring them to the Middle East. Now that's dedication. John Savage stresses that they're not in it for the profit: they're just happy to bring them here for others at the same cost that you can get them in the UK. He thinks they saved Dh1,200 in Layla's first six months by not using disposables, not to mention the feel-good factor of being eco-friendly, even if they do take water to wash. "It's nowhere near as bad as disposables, though," he says. They will deliver anywhere in the UAE, and they'll give you a personal demonstration on how they work. For more info, visit @email:www.tini-tots.com, e-mail enquiries@tini-tots.com or call 050 5186490.

We shared some of our workout songs with you, and polled you for yours. Here's a selection - diverse in its range - which we've ordered the way we think you should listen to it. Total workout: 62 minutes and 18 seconds. Give it! - Chain Reaction, Diana Ross (3:49) - It's Raining Men, The Weather Girls (5:26) - Womanizer, Britney Spears (3:43) - New Sensation, INXS (3:40)

- Baba O'Riley, The Who (5:08) - Black Betty, Ram Jam (3:57) - Yeah! The Golden Dogs (3:43) - Ya Mama, Fatboy Slim (5:38) - Let Forever Be, The Chemical Brothers (3:56) - Fancy Footwork, Chromeo (3:18) - Suckerpin, Modeselektor (6:10) - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, LCD Soundsystem (6:32) - Camisado, Panic! At the Disco (3:11) - Breaking the Habit, Linkin Park (3:16) - A Little Respect, Erasure (3:31)

We had so much fun rounding up your suggestions for the workout playlist, we're now asking you for "summer" songs. Send suggestions to @email:magazine@thenational.ae


Uncrate is the ultimate smorgasbord of cool stuff for men. And now the online buyer's guide has launched Uncrate Answers, where users both submit and answer questions. When you go to the page, there is a list of questions with the Best Answer right beneath. You then click to read the rest of the advice. There are tips on everything from getting rid of pimples to best workout headphones to most comfortable boxers. In one case, a man asks how many buttons he should do up on a polo. The Best Answer in this case: "I'm pretty sure in most people's eyes there's an inverse ratio between how many buttons you leave fastened and how laid back you are... if you like to go casual, don't bother buttoning." Dudes giving other dudes advice; it's Dudetopia.

If I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would. To satisfy my dual obsessions - pizza and healthy eating - I concocted my own recipe years ago that I never tire of. Friends always make fun of my mini, healthy pizzas until they try one and keep begging for more. All I do is take a pitta and heat it in a dry frying pan at medium heat. Flip the pitta until both sides begin to crisp. Add 60g Ragu Pizza Quick sauce (I have tried every brand and swear by this one). Put one 30g of Kraft part skim mozzarella cheese on top. Turn heat to low, add any veggies or spice you like and cook until cheese is melted. It takes about eight minutes in all and is virtually guilt-free. Kerri Abrams THE REAL DEAL: Tony's Cheese Pizza For One CALORIES: 470 calories (21g fat) THE NEW DEAL: One white pitta bread pocket (I have only been able to find the right kind at Spinneys), 60g Ragu Pizza Quick sauce, 30g Kraft part skim mozzarella cheese CALORIES: 292 (9.3g fat)