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When sports and fashion collide

We look at a few instances of sports stars with fashion brands.

Andre Agassi.
Andre Agassi.

The snood - a dubious combination of scarf and hood - has become increasing popular with footballers currently feeling the cold in the UK. Although, not at Manchester United where manager Alex Fergason has reportedly banned his players from wearing the warming neckpiece. We look at a few other instances where sport and fashion have collided (with mixed results).

Take five... Phil Vickery

It might not be haute couture, but the ex-England and Wasps rugby player has his own clothing line, which is called Raging Bull, in reference to his sporting nickname. The first store opened in Cheltenham this year.

Take four... John Barnes

Thick tights under shorts? Red card.

Take three... Andre Agassi

Agassi was once as famous for his flowing locks, denim shorts and pirate earrings as he was for his tennis. While this provided a welcome contrast to play-it-safe Pete Sampras, he revealed in his autobiography Open that fearing for his image, he wore a hair piece for many years.

Take two... Venus Williams

Both she and her sister Serena are dominant forces in female tennis and are not afraid to draw attention to themselves with their choice of attire. Venus ruffled feathers by wearing a black burlesque-style number during this year's French Open - and she now has her own fashion line.

Take one... David Beckham

The first man of footballer fashion. Not without his slip-ups (the sarong, the matching black leather outfits and the current middle parting) but a stylish man nonetheless and former face of Armani to boot.