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What we're loving: Peachy cheeks in a tube and home hairdressing

Every week the Arts&Life team brings you things they are loving. This week: Pond's age miracle tinted moisturiser, home hair dressing and www.flightradar24.com.

Pond's age miracle tinted moisturiser is a cheap and cheerful addition to your handbag. Courtesy Ponds.
Pond's age miracle tinted moisturiser is a cheap and cheerful addition to your handbag. Courtesy Ponds.


Pond's age miracle tinted moisturiser

My best friend works in the beauty industry and I benefit greatly from her. I take all skin and make-up advice from this cosmetic genius, who has the peachy cheeks of someone 20 years younger. Those peachy cheeks come at a price, though, and I was very surprised when on my latest scavenge through her handbag to come across a lowly tube of Pond's tinted moisturiser. Upon trying it, I knew how it came to be in the revered handbag. Cheap and cheerful it may be (Dh36), but it's wonderful. With an SPF of 15, it covers skin lightly and flawlessly as well as providing anti-ageing moisture throughout the day. Lovely.

* Felicity Campbell

My French hair stylist

I've visited a dozen hair stylists over the past four years in the UAE and no matter my instructions, they all gave me a variation of Jennifer Aniston's "The Rachel" - a hairstyle I did not like in the 1990s. My quest to shed the Friends-era look even led to a stylist in Dubai, who was great at first but eventually lapsed into giving me a slightly less Rachel-esque version of The Rachel. That brings me to Sandrine Bertrand, who is not only an amazing French stylist but also one who comes right to your home in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. She carries a portable sink for colour and even sweeps up after. Prices vary due to length and volume of hair, but as a guideline I paid Dh265 for my perfect below-the-chin bob. Not a wispy layer in sight. For more information call 050 590 5259 or visit www.myfrenchhairstylist.com

* Ann Marie McQueen


A few days ago, I came across the website Flightradar24, which tracks air traffic in real time across the globe. It is strangely scary, comforting and at the same time fascinating. The site illustrates just how many flights are in the air at any given moment, including those from the Emirates. If you click on one of the yellow planes, the website site offers live information on where the flight originated, current altitude and the destination it is heading to. You can also keep track of its flight path as well as other details such as the model of the craft in question. Check it out at www.flightradar24.com

* Maey El Shoush

Waitrose Reem Island

It may sound extreme to say a supermarket can be life-changing, but the recently opened Waitrose on Reem ­Island really has improved my life. As a resident of Sun Tower, one of the two towers connected by the Boutik mall in which Waitrose is housed, grocery shopping is now a pleasure rather than something I dread. The obvious advantage is that I don’t need to leave my building to go shopping. If I suddenly realise I’ve forgotten a crucial ingredient for the night’s dinner, it only takes me a few minutes to pop down and pick it up. The shop is well stocked with plenty of good-quality, fresh ingredients. It employs helpful staff and is never very busy. Yet. Yes, it’s a bit pricier than the other UAE supermarkets, but when I consider I am saving around Dh50 in cab fares, it all balances out.
* Sarah Ferguson