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What we're loving: nespresso, Baixt and mascara

We round up the items, services and places that we are loving this week.

OSIM´s uGalaxy eye massager
OSIM´s uGalaxy eye massager

While attempting to dodge the perfume pushers on my way out of a Dubai department store, I was stopped by a sales assistant who just insisted I try an "amazing mascara". Resistance was futile and, sighing inwardly, I agreed to try it. "It's a best-seller!" said the assistant, as she pushed me on to a stool and brandished a wand at my face. I usually manage to resist hard sells such as these, but a quick glance in the mirror indicated that this was indeed a great mascara. My lashes were fuller, longer and not clumpy, considering she'd applied it on top of my existing mascara. Givenchy's Noir Couture is a four-in-one that promises to increase length, curl, volume and provide lash care - and it does just what it says on the tin. After a week of applying it I've noticed a marked difference in my eyelashes - without make-up - and I'm hooked. Available from Givenchy make-up counters

* Sarah Ferguson

The office Nespresso

I feel it's a bit much to shell out Dh1,000 for a machine that makes beautiful espresso beverages at the touch of a button - for personal use. But sharing the cost with a bunch of your colleagues? Well that's Dh150 and delicious java every single morning. We went for the Pixie version and it's currently chugging away just fine, caffeinating nine people on a daily basis. At Dh2.50 each for most varieties, the option is heaps cheaper - not to mention way more delicious - that buying by the cup from the cafe or office canteen. www.nespresso.com, with stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

* Ann Marie McQueen

iPhone external power pack

I can never keep my iPhone charged - even at work, where I have a charger. Days off when running errands are the worst. I inevitably head out in the morning only to see that dwindled charged bar and wonder how it happened again. So iPhone batteries are terrible: it's time to just admit it and deal with it. That's why I went on Amazon and ordered the little Baixt device that has changed my life. The black mobile battery case, about the size of an iPhone and weighing just 71 grams, may take five hours to charge, but it promises to stay juiced for up to 210 hours of standby time and up to eight hours of talk time. Does it ever come in handy when your phone is beeping and you are far from home. Just remember to turn it off when you are done. Dh68 www.amazon.com; Dh299 www.tejuri.com

* Ann Marie McQueen

Bought it, love it, can't live without it

Eye massager

Take a look at this photo of OSIM's uGalaxy eye massager and get the laughs out of your system right now. Because what may look like a dorky pair of RoboCop goggles attached by a tube to a handset actually has the power to transport you to a happy place. Or at least it works for me. How? Through a combination of colourful lights, meditative music, heat and gyrating airbags that pulse heavily over your temples and bridge of your nose, and gently surrounding your eye area. The handset allows you to choose the intensity and type of massage (balance, relax or energise), the brightness of the mood light and the volume of the music, with the option of adding heat and light waves, set on a timer (five, 10 or 15 minutes). It pledges to reduce stress, soothe puffy eyes and improve circulation; the mood light is supposed to stimulate brain activity. All I know is no matter what's rattling around in my head, this groovy little machine gives me some focused, trance-like minutes of peace and calm. It's also a big hit with houseguests. You can buy this and other massage products from OSIM, a Singpore-based company, online at www.osim.com or in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at Stadium and Studio R. Mine cost Dh695.

* Mo Gannon