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What We're Loving: meditation, radio and Mexican food

A look at some of the things we're loving this week at Arts&Life.

The Inner Space Centre in the capital offers courses in meditation. iStockphoto
The Inner Space Centre in the capital offers courses in meditation. iStockphoto

Inner Space Meditation Centre

With summer well and truly here, the high-speed pace of life in Abu Dhabi can jar with the natural inclination to want to slow down in the searing heat.

Hence, it’s relatively common to feel completely stressed out or drained.

Like most people, I’m prone to the odd bout of mental fatigue. So a friend of mine recommended a fix for this by signing up for classes at the Inner Space Meditation Centre in Abu Dhabi.

Held at its premises above a row of shops in the Between the Bridges area, the beginner classes take place over four weeks. In this time, you’re schooled in the art of open-eye meditation, where you focus on a point and let your mind drift. The classes are also free, although you’re asked to make a donation to the centre’s upkeep.

Even if you’re somewhat cynical about the peace and love mantra preached there, it’s definitely beneficial to just sit in silence for a few minutes, staring into space.

Visit www.innerspaceabudhabi.org for more information

Hugo Berger


In this age of iTunes and the iPod shuffle, people’s attention spans are shorter than ever.

It seems there are not enough radio channels to flick to when a One Direction single comes on.

This is where TuneIn comes in.

The website – also available as an iPhone/iPad app – is home to nearly 70,000 stations drawn from across the world and is a treat for music lovers.

As well as the big pop stations from America and Europe, you can also tune into online radio stations playing an obscure range of music, ranging from Balkan-inspired jazz to the latest hits from Romania.

As a power-pop and New Wave fan, it’s a treat to lock into a few special specialised radio shows or stations (Pop Stew for the former and New Wave Radio Online for the latter) hosted by fellow music geeks who know your musical needs.

If you want to decompress, Calm Radio should do the trick.

For details, go to www.tunein.com

Saeed Saeed

A Mexican-flavoured day-cation at Le Royal Meridien Dubai

True Mexican cuisine is a real favourite of mine and I have been searching for it for some time in the UAE. I want more than the predictable guacamole and chips that seem to be the staple of so many places. It tires quickly. Then I found Maya at Le Royal Meridien in Dubai, which is run by a Mexican chef. Even better, the Friday brunch (Dh350-450) now includes beach and pool access so you can spend the day at the hotel and have brunch for not much more than the cost of paying for a day pass. Great value for money and a gorgeous setting in the hotel’s gardens.

Melanie Swan


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