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What we're loving: Iconic's accessories and mini chilli peppers

Today in what we're loving: summer accessories from Iconic, a great tailor, sweet veggie treats and the perfect tea tumbler.

Iconic accessories
Iconic accessories

Full marks to the creative team behind Iconic’s accessories this season. I’ve so far stocked up on three pieces from the Dubai Marina Mall branch for less than Dh100 each. Affordable they may be, but cheap they certainly don’t look. My particular favourite is a Cleopatra-inspired metal collier, gold in colour and surprisingly light to wear despite its size. Another statement necklace, perfect for making a simple maxi-dress pop, consists of a large spray of sparkly topaz-like stones set in imitation rose gold. Alongside simple pendants and matinée styles, there are some truly show-stopping pieces in-store, which are worth a quick try-on. Check out the hammered-metal plate necklaces, lariat knotted chains and geometric designs, which are great for everyday wear.

* Rebecca McLaughlin-Duane

La Beaute tailors

If you’re looking for a tailor in Dubai Marina but don’t relish the trek down to Satwa, head to La Beaute in Jumeirah Beach Residence. Not only can the 10-man team run you up a beach dress in a single day, they’re also a dab hand at creating eveningwear. Ask to see Zahid, he’s the one who’ll turn your ideas into 3-D. He’ll sketch a design, show you the bolts of fabrics they have on-site and source any specific threads, lace or embellishments you might want before your next fitting. The service won’t break the bank either, with alterations averaging Dh50-100 and bespoke pieces starting from Dh300. Emirati-owned, this is a slick, well-managed operation. In a city where tailoring standards and costs vary hugely, I’m delighted to have stumbled upon a boutique that doesn’t stuff your clothes in unmarked plastic bags and leave you frustrated with poor stitching and ill-fitting garments. There are also rails of traditional kaftans and abayas on display, which are available to buy or may provide inspiration for a new jalabiya this Eid.

La Beaute, Murjan 1, The Walk, JBR, 04 434 2333

* Rebecca McLaughlin-Duane


Melissa’s Veggie Sweet Mini Peppers

I’m a pepper fanatic – whether it’s a bell pepper or a New Mexico green chilli I’m eager to slice, dice or roast it. When I found Melissa’s Veggie Sweet Mini Peppers at Spinneys (Dh21.95) I knew they would be my new favourite vegetable. The shiny, firm treats come in bright red, orange and yellow and range in taste from earthy to almost a fruity, cherry flavour. I add three or four to my lunch every day and not only do they brighten up a salad but they fill you up with very few calories, too. One cup of chopped peppers is just 46 calories and delivers 13 per cent of your recommended daily fibre intake. They’re great with a hummus dip, grilled whole or sliced, stir-fried with onions or, my preference, straight from the bag.

* Ellen Fortini



Bought it, love it, can't live without it

Every so often we stumble across an item that was so worth it, we want to tell everyone about it.

Teavana Contour Tumbler

With a 25-minute drive to the office each morning, I like to have a hot drink along the way. I used to sit and wait for my tea to brew at home, pour it into a tumbler I’d probably used for coffee the day before, and hit the road. Now, thanks to Teavana at Dalma Mall, I have a dedicated tea tumbler with a built-in and removable tea basket so I can take my Ginseng Vitality or Monkey Picked Oolong to brew and drink on the go, with the convenient pop top. When I get to the office, I can take out the infuser and fit it into the holder on the cover and, depending on which tea I am using, reuse the leaves for another infusion later. The tea stays hot for hours, too. Plus my tumbler is the prettiest shade of purple, which cheers me up on that morning drive. Dh165 for the Teavana tumbler.


* Ellen Fortini



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