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What we're Loving: Buckets of seafood and turning tat into treasure

We round up the things we're loving this week, from seafood in a bucket and Japanese cuisine to jewellery organisers and the Moshi Moshi POP phone.

Seafood at Aprons & Hammers restaurant. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National
Seafood at Aprons & Hammers restaurant. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National

Food with a Bang

Sometimes, I like my food served in a bucket. For that reason, Aprons & Hammers - the converted dhow-cum-restaurant that floats at the end of the jetty in Dubai International Marine Club - gets a hearty thumbs-up. A bucket of crabs, a bucket of grilled prawns and a bucket of well-chilled bottled beverages is this place's signature combo. It may err on the side of the pricey (we weighed in at Dh320 for two) but portions are generous. With a laid-back crab shack atmosphere and fine views across the Gulf, this place rests on its character. Come on, where else do you get handed a smock and a mallet as the necessary tools for your dining experience? Hefty air-con makes this an option even in clammier months. Check out www.apronsandhammers.com, Dubai International Marine Club, Mina Seyahi Beach Resort, 04 454 7097.

* Christopher Lord

Turning tat into treasure

You know the story. You see a gorgeous pair of earrings, you buy them, wear them once and don't see them again until you give your jewellery box a spring clean. Or at least this was the case until a friend presented me with a hanging jewellery and accessories organiser. She delighted in its greatness, I was not disappointed - and I promise, neither will you be. With 80 pockets, back and front, there is a place for everything. Rings in one pocket, hair bands in another, clips in one, bracelets ... well, you get the picture. A quick scan over the transparent pockets ensconcing your beautifully organised treasures and you can easily accessorise any outfit without scrabbling around in boxes and baskets for something you thought you saw a year ago.

* Felicity Campbell

Moshi Moshi POP Phone

Approximately four times a week, generally while I'm at work, a little box will appear in the corner of my computer screen informing me that my mum is trying to contact me on Skype and tell me what the temperature is in the UK. There's no use trying to explain to her that I'm busy - despite the fact I've almost managed a decade in full-time work, she still assumes I spend my days in a dressing gown living some sort of student existence. Using the rather fancy Moshi Moshi POP, however, I can ensure these regular half-hour-long bleatings about the weather are kept from the sensitive ears of my colleagues nearby, while also ensuring I look rather retro and hip in the process. Available from Virgin Megastore, for Dh179.

* Alex Ritman

Bought it, love it, can't live without it

Mastering Japanese cuisine at home was no easy feat, until I discovered a very special product at my local supermarket. Nestled among a tiny selection of rolling mats and rudimentary ingredients from pickled ginger to wasabi was a container of Nori seaweed sheets. If you want to impress your pals and serve up a platter Nobu Matsuhisa would be proud of, step-by-step instructions have helpfully been printed on the back of the vacuum-packed container.

From crudely made hand rolls to maki and even julienne strips in salads and soups, I can't seem to get enough of this savoury snack and easily devour a packet a week. I'm constantly finding inventive ways to integrate these glossy emerald squares into my diet, not least because they also happen to be a rich source of calcium, zinc and iodine.

The price really can't be beaten at Dh6.75, especially considering one packet easily feeds four people. Nori Seaweed is available at stockists across the UAE including Spinneys in Dubai Marina.

* Rebecca McLaughlin-Duane