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What's in your holiday holdall?

Hala Khalaf provides a guide to the essential beauty products every bridde-to-be should be packing for the honeymoon.

Wipes or a hand sanitiser, lip balm and a silk eye mask are essentials to have on the plane. Rich-Joseph Facun / The National
Wipes or a hand sanitiser, lip balm and a silk eye mask are essentials to have on the plane. Rich-Joseph Facun / The National

Hala Khalaf provides a guide to the essential products every girl should be packing when travelling, from bright lipstick and hydrating primer to a mini sewing kit

You want to feel like you're put together but you also want that fresh-faced, dewy look that comes from being happy and sun-kissed in a tropical location, which is where we hope your holiday is planned. At the same time, you want the option of creating a variety of looks on a whim without carting your entire bathroom in your suitcase with you. After all, the lighter you can pack your travel beauty bag, the happier you'll be not having to lug a serious make-up case through customs.

And because there's enough stress associated with travel without having to worry about creating a packing list for your toiletries, here's a ready-made guide of crucial pieces for comfortable travel. We guarantee these will get you through any holiday and we provide ideas on which products to bring along to help you dress things up a bit at night, if need be.

Travel essentials

Wipes or a hand sanitiser, lip balm and a silk eye mask are essentials to have on the plane. The eye mask and ear plugs might be part of your complimentary travel bag from the airline, especially if you are travelling with Etihad. A mild perfume to help combat any strange odours and perhaps a small bottle of hand moisturiser to freshen up dry skin are not a bad idea.

Daily make-up

Hydrating primer, your eyebrow pencil if you use one, cheek stain instead of blush (try one from the Benefit line), finishing powder, an eyelash curler, mascara, concealer, lip gloss and perhaps a coloured or tinted lip balm. That's the most you'll need, really, and the above list can be pared down if any of the items are not part of your beauty regimen - we don't all use eyebrow pencils.

Skin prep

This differs from person to person, but when travelling, you don't want to bring your entire line of skincare products with you. Sunscreen should do it, and a light moisturiser if that's your thing - you might even be able to find a tinted moisturiser that already contains a sufficient SPF. Herbal Émminence (available at Sisters Beauty Lounge) does a great one. A good idea for the night is an advanced night-repair cream to give you fresh eyes (try the Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex from Estée Lauder), and you definitely need a good lip ointment to keep chapped lips at bay (your tinted lip balm in your daily make-up case can do double duty). Skip bronzers and tinted moisturisers if you're going to an exotic locale that promises tanned skin after long, leisurely days by the water.

Useful tools

Refreshing eye drops, Q-tips and cotton wool (even though you might find them in your hotel room, there just won't be enough), a miniature lint roller (I keep one in my bag at all times), eye make-up remover, tweezers, a mini manicure set (which might include tweezers, actually) and a sewing kit (although you'll usually find that in your hotel room, too, but better safe than sorry).

Fancy extras

Lipsticks in various colours (red and fuchsia are a must, and a nude colour can be very attractive), fake eyelashes and glue if you're so inclined, your choice of eyeliner (kohl eyeliner or liquid eyeliner for those who want to go beyond the pencil route), and if getting a tan is not on the agenda, some bronzer coupled with a big fancy powder brush should do it.