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What We're Loving: Rail travel, clothing with a conscience and more

We round up the places, products and people that we can't get enough of this week.

The comedian Paul Tonkinson. Courtesy The Laughter Factory
The comedian Paul Tonkinson. Courtesy The Laughter Factory

Roaming the world by rail

Last year, some friends and I booked a 10-night tailor-made train holiday through Italy, departing from London through the site www.railbookers.com. The company arranged all our travel details, from the trains to hotel arrangements, including a one-night stopover in Zurich as well as our flight back to the UK. The trip was amazing (if you enjoy travelling by train), and the hotels were fantastic and located within walking distance of many major places of interest. This summer, I have already been browsing its website again for a new holiday adventure to take, since the company pretty much operates around the world.

* Maey El Shoush


Save a good chunk of your hard-earned dough with www.everlane.com, an online retailer that's rethinking the way retail works. Founded by the 27-year-old Michael Preysman, the company designs and produces all its goods, cutting out the "middle man" in clothing production to avoid crazy markups as seen in other brands. It peddles luxurious versions of wardrobe staples - tees, belts and, most recently, bags. I bought a white T-shirt last month for US$15 (Dh55) and it's the most comfortable shirt I own. New designs arrive each month and never cost more than $100. Plus, shipping is free when you buy two or more items. You'd better be quick, though - Everlane's minimalist aesthetic and frugal philosophy have scored tonnes of devotees, so their pieces sell out in mere hours.

* James Gabrillo

The Laughter Factory

Ever since I first went to a Laughter Factory show last year, it has become a nearly monthly highlight for me. Whether you are in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you can get access to some of the UK comedy circuit's top comedians, all on your doorstep. Whatever your humour, the shows, which first started in 1997 and usually consist of three to four acts, are guaranteed to lift your spirits. Even better, with the monthly event's success, the tour now has another venue added to its Dubai locations, in the Al Manzil Hotel, Downtown, so even more people can enjoy the show.

* Melanie Swan

Sonicare toothbrush

No matter how much I hate to admit it, my mother always does seem to know best. For the past two years, my twice-yearly dental appointments have revealed that my gums were in dire shape, and that I was verging on the need for surgery. I figured that it might be time to listen to my nagging mother's pleas to start using a Sonicare toothbrush. She has been swearing by hers for years (as well as educating me that our gums are directly related to our heart) as have my past two dentists. The guilt finally paid off. Do not confuse this with just any imitation, electric toothbrush, though. According to Sonicare, the technology used for this brush "creates a dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid forces deep into the interproximal spaces and along the gum line". As far as I can remember, my teeth and gums have never felt so healthy and, better yet, on my last dental visit, the dentist said my gums were back to being in perfect condition. Prices vary depending on the model and are available from local hypermarkets from Dh300. Visit www.sonicare.com for more information.

* Kerri Abrams

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