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What we're loving: Perfume, egg poacher, Make Business Hub, Whichbook

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Scent of Departure by Gerald Ghislain.
Scent of Departure by Gerald Ghislain.

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Whichbook is a website that helps you decide what to read next, based on your personal preferences. A list of descriptors runs down the side of the page on a sliding scale (happy at one end, sad at the other, safe at one end, disturbing at the other, etc) and you simply move the markers to specify the tone of your next read. The website then combines those factors and generates a list of titles that fit the criteria. It's a great way of finding out what a certain title might be like. Visit www.whichbook.net.

* Emily Shardlow


Making life easy

Make Business Hub is a fine place to get the job done. Home-office worker with a dose of cabin fever? Got an idea to plug to those with the entrepreneurial dare? Simply need an invigorating coffee before starting the day? Make does all this, creating a lively but industrious cafe-cum-desk space hub. But until recently, its wonderful lunch menu didn't quite match up to the hefty price tag. Now, the chefs are serving bigger portions, supplementary salads and are including sides to give their signature dishes (duck confit flatbread or Wagyu beef steak pie) all the more bang for the buck. Make Business Hub is at Al Fattan House in the Dubai Marina and is open daily from 8am to 10pm. Call 04 392 9216 or visit www.makebusinesshub.com for more information.

* Christopher Lord


Eggs in a cup

Although I do a lot of cooking, I have been accused of turning my nose up at "newfangled" gadgets. An electric corkscrew? A powered pepper grinder? What a waste of money and space! That is, until I came across these little beauties. Egg poachers! Getting the perfect poached eggs is easy: 1) set a saucepan to boil; 2) grease the inside of the cups with vegetable oil or butter; 3) plop the cups into the water that is boiling away in the saucepan (they float); 4) crack an egg into each one of the cups and voila! Dense and perfectly round poached eggs, with minimum hassle and zero mess. I got these from @home, on the ground floor of Al Wahda mall, but they are also available from www.amazon.com and a friend said she spotted them at Lakeland in Mushrif Mall.

* Felicity Campbell


Scent and the city

Inspired by his two greatest passions - travel and scents - the perfumer Gerald Ghislain has created the Scent of Departure, fragrances inspired by 20 of his favourite destinations in the world, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai. "An intense rose essence from Burj Khalifa is wrapped in fresh citrusy accords found on the Jumeirah beach," reads the description for Dubai.

For Abu Dhabi: "A brilliant layer of bergamot from the pristine beachfront of Yas Island. Like the breathtaking Saadiyat, light notes of jasmine are enriched by a deep trail of amber."

Each bottle is cleverly labelled with a checked luggage tag with its IATA three-letter code. US$45 (Dh165) at www.TheScentofDeparture.com.

* James Gabrillo


Bought it, love it, can't live without it: Gorgeous Feet antifriction rub

You know the story. You've just bought the greatest pair of shoes, they match your outfit perfectly and you know they look amazing. But you haven't had a chance to break them in yet, when all you want to do is take them out dancing. It's a total catch-22. If you don't wear them, your night will be ruined because you will keep thinking about them, not to mention how much your outfit will be lacking. If you do wear them, your night will be ruined because you'll be limping around like a hobbled horse halfway through the evening. I've found a solution for this conundrum that has changed my life. As soon as I feel a twinge, I rub some of Gorgeous Feet's antifriction rub on the spot that's about to blister. Small enough (think lipstick tube size) to fit in your handbag, this invention has made days of tootsie blister pain a distant memory. Available at Boots pharmacy.

* Felicity Campbell