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What We're Loving: knucklecase, juices, argan oil, Cinemin Swivel

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Pick up a silver knucklecase at S*uce boutiques across the UAE, including the one at the Dubai Mall, for Dh655.
Pick up a silver knucklecase at S*uce boutiques across the UAE, including the one at the Dubai Mall, for Dh655.

A dusting of cool for your iPhone

Fresh from the streets of New York City - the iPhone knucklecase has landed in the UAE. Getting your hands around this glamorously nifty gadget will ensure you never drop your precious phone again. Rihanna was the latest celeb to have been seen with one and if you have an iPhone 4 or 4S, then you too can join the cool crowd. Made from a solid block of aluminium, the holder is considerably lighter that it looks and handy instructions on how to embed your phone into it can be found on the packaging. Pick up a silver knucklecase at S*uce boutiques across the UAE, including the one at the Dubai Mall, for Dh655.

* Rebecca McLaughlin-Duane


Fresh juice

Hands down one of my favourite things about living in the UAE is the cheap and easy access to an astonishing array of fresh, healthy juices. Here at The National, our local coffee shop will whip up a large carrot juice for mere dirhams a cup. Across the street, Yazein delivers all the usual vitamin-rich suspects, ripe with antioxidants, including refreshing pomegranate, replenishing watermelon and sweet rockmelon. And although much has been made of the arrival of packaged coconut water brands to the UAE's supermarket shelves, I far prefer to duck into a local shawarma shop and order a whole young coconut, full of fresh juice, for half the price at just Dh5. Now that the Holy Month has come to a close, I plan to embrace my fresh juice addiction and stay hydrated in this heat.

* Ann Marie McQueen


Argan oil

After admiring my friend's particularly glossy mane of hair a few months ago, she confessed that it was all down to her new favourite miracle product, also known as Moroccan argan oil. I was sceptical, but spotting a bottle at the chemist's a few days later, I decided to try my luck and made the purchase. And you know what? I'm a convert. Not only does it make your hair more shiny (in a healthy, rather than greasy way), it also improves its condition and minimises frizz - a sure winner. While it's not a cheap product - the 50ml bottle of Lee Stafford Argan Oil I bought cost Dh80 - you only need a small amount, so it really lasts.

* Emily Shardlow


Cinemin Swivel

In a fit of downsizing a year ago - also partially spurred on by a need to control what had become a pretty serious E! habit - I sold my flat-screen television at a local flea market. But I still love to watch television and films, and doing so on my laptop all the time does tend to undermine the experience, so I decided to order one of the growing number of mini-projectors on the market. Now, the Cinemin Swivel is my new best friend. It's a bit of a trick to set up - I have to make sure the movie is loaded on my iPad, as it only works with that or an iPhone, and then there are the external speakers I like to use for better sound. Once you have all that, you need a blank wall, some free time and presto - flat screen wherever you go. The battery lasts around 2.5 hours - perfect for a movie. There is one catch though: the device is really not that great to watch certain television shows that tend to be darker, such as Mad Men or Game of Thrones. Find it on amazon.com, for approximately Dh750.

* Ann Marie McQueen