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Tried and Tested: Kera Hamman hair treatment

Promising to counteract the damage of sun and desalinated water, the Kera Hamman intensive treatment did not disappoint.

WHAT I TRIED The Kera Hamman intensive moisturising and nutrifying hair treatment at Sisters Beauty Lounge in Abu Dhabi.

WHAT I EXPECTED Well, anything was better than the rats' tails I have so grown to hate. I really didn't expect much because nothing seems to make my dry, frazzled hair look sleek and glossy, not even an overnight hair mask or several litres of deep-conditioning treatment.

WHAT HAPPENED I was ushered into a chair to have my hair washed. This was uncomfortable, in part because the water has to be as hot as is possible and also the neck rest just seemed to be the wrong height whatever I did. Thankfully this was soon over and I was shown to a seat where the hairdresser, Sandi, covered my hair section by section in a thick lotion. She then put what looked like a heated beehive over my head and left me to read the paper for 15 minutes.

Sandi followed with a head and neck massage that was heavenly and explained to me that the treatment has been specially developed for hair exposed to desalinated water, air-conditioning and the sun. The nutritive ingredients are activated by the heat, which amplifies their nourishing power and locks them deep inside the fiber, thus restoring the hair to its glossy best. Then it was back to the basin for the rinse.

THE VERDICT Even as Sandi was combing my hair before drying it I knew there was a big difference. The comb went through it without problems. Normally I have to tug and pull to get anywhere. After the blow-dry I was amazed. It didn't look like my hair at all. It looked like Eva Longoria's, except not as curly. And the brilliant thing is that the glossiness lasted for several washes, as did the feeling of silkiness even when my hair was wet.

The Kera Hamman hair treatment costs between Dh150 and Dh200 depending on the treatment you choose. Sisters Beauty Lounge, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Shakhbout Street, 02 222 2501. See www.sistersbeautylounge.com for locations in Dubai.


M Loves

Pantene Clinicare Hair Time Renewal

Perms, blow drying, heated rollers, curling irons, hair extensions - you name it and we've tried it. Our poor hair has been at the mercy of many a fashion fad, so when we heard that this new Clinicare range from Pantene reverses years of damage in just one month, we ran to the nearest shop quicker than you could say "off with her head".

Based on Japanese technology that reconstructs the hair's cuticle, the shampoos and conditioners have a rich and luxurious texture that smells divine. After one wash our hair felt silkier and more manageable when blow drying. For the full Pantene Clinicare treatment set aside some time in the shower as alongside the shampoo and conditioner there is a leave-in Essence Spray plus a rejuvenating Intensive Care Treatment.

Now, admittedly your bathroom routine may take longer than usual and you won't get full results overnight as it takes at least four weeks to see long-term improvement. But this is a product range to stick with, a real treat for your tresses.

Pantene Clinicare Hair Time Renewal, Dh25-90, available at leading pharmacies and retail outlets