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Top Tips: Get the most from your spa visit

Enjoy the spa with confidence with advice from local salons.

"Switch off your mobile phone during your massage." - Margie, NStyle.

Perilous waxes, disrobing, treatment anxiety. Going to the spa is meant to be restorative and relaxing, but it can be intimidating. We asked some of the UAE's top beauty therapists to give us their treatment room do's and don'ts so you can get the best from your visit.


Waxing and laser

"Do attend a consultation session before your laser treatment so you are informed about how the treatment works and if your skin and hair type are suitable. Don't just go blindly into a salon and have the treatment ill-prepared." - Amal, Silkor

"Shower and lightly exfoliate your entire bikini area before your appointment using warm, not hot water. This will help prevent ingrown hairs." - Analiza, NStyle

"Don't use any lotions or sunbathe 24 hours after waxing. The skin is sensitised and heat will cause irritations." - Sunitha, Sisters Beauty Lounge

Spray tanning

"For the best results exfoliate your skin the night before your appointment and avoid moisturising on the day of your tan. It's also a good idea to wear (or bring with you) dark and loose clothing and to remove all make-up before the tan is applied. Finally, make sure that you have showered and - if relevant - waxed at least eight hours before your tanning appointment." - Elvie, Pastels Salon

"To avoid your tan wearing off unevenly, use mild soaps and body washes. Top up your tan after 10 days to maintain a beautiful glow." - Luisa, Sisters Beauty Lounge

"For an all-over coverage it's best to treat as much skin as you dare to bare - bras and knickers do not make for good tan lines." - Tina, Tips&Toes


Manicures and pedicures

"Our feet get dry and cracked in the heat, so include an intensive foot treatment once a month in your pedicure regimen." - Ophelia, NStyle

"Apply a top coat every three days to keep your manicure looking fresh." - Mercy, Sisters Beauty Lounge

"Don't be ashamed to tell your therapist if you are suffering from some sort of infection, such as athlete's foot. Our therapists are trained to deal with this and are able to keep it under control to avoid passing on the infection." - Tina, Tips&Toes


Body treatments and facials

"Leave your troubles at home and switch off your mobile phone during your massage." - Margie, NStyle

"The purpose of a spa treatment is to relax, so always arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. This is better than rushing yourself and your therapist." - Betty, Elemis international trainer

"We want you to enjoy your treatment, so forget about being polite when communicating with us about what we're doing. During a massage tell us if you feel pain, tell us if you want harder pressure, and tell us if you're uncomfortable - we appreciate your honesty." - Tina, Tips&Toes

"For facial treatments, ensure your skin is not sunburnt and avoid using harsh products before the treatment. Finally, after a facial you will probably need to restyle your hair, so leave enough time for the option of a wash and blow-dry." - Isabella, Pastels Salon

"Being a therapist is like being a doctor. We see many people daily, so don't worry about any insecurities or body flaws that you might have." - Lindsay, Talise Spa

"Make it clear to your therapist what you are hoping to achieve as the best therapists will never make assumptions." -Rebecca, Rebecca Treston Aesthetics