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The race that can win you a Mercedes-Benz: Dubai's Rush-A-Way is back

Dubai's version of The Amazing Race will have you jumping, maybe swimming, through hoops to get to the grand prize

Boot Camp challenge. Courtesy Rush-A-Way
Boot Camp challenge. Courtesy Rush-A-Way

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is back. One way to kick-start your fitness regime for the month is by signing up for the seventh Mercedes-Benz challenge, presented by Gargash and powered by Rush-A-Way, which takes place on November 2.

The race involves 100 teams of two to four people competing to complete seven tailor-made challenges set up around Dubai. Speed is key here; points are awarded based on how quickly your team finishes each challenge, and only upon completion will you receive the location for the next task.

"Participants will have no prior details of what the challenges are or where they are located, and hence need to work as a team to strategise and complete them at their fastest," says Rush-A-Way founder Neha Gaggar.

The group with the maximum number of points at the end of the seven activities will win a Mercedes-Benz GLC. Participating teams also need a Mercedes-Benz to travel between locations; these can be hired for a special rate through SIXT (unless you have your own, in which case feel free to make it your fifth team member).

Originally inspired by the reality TV show The Amazing Race, Rush-A-Way has tapped every nook of Dubai, turning it into a potential fitness zone. Last year, for example, one of the challenges involved participants visiting the fruit and vegetable market at Al Aweer to haul sacks of veggies, while the time before that had them delivering eggs on a cycle.

Vegetable Market challenge at a previous edition of Rush-A-Way 
Vegetable Market challenge at a previous edition of Rush-A-Way

From paddleboarding and kayaking to obstacle courses, escape games, go-karting, archery and even a taste test, the competition tests physical and mental endurance. Hint: make sure at least one of your team members is a calm and collected driver who is familiar with the city, so you don't waste too much time getting to your next challenge.

Various scenes from previous Rush-a-Way races include participants eating a snow cone. Courtesy of Rush-a-Way
Taste test at Rush-A-Way

While she can't revel the exact line-up of challenges for the November race, Gaggar says: "This year, to coincide with Dubai Fitness Challenge, most of the seven tasks will test your physical prowess, Although, as always, teamwork is a must."

Registrations are open at https://rushawayuae.com/gargash/. The registration fee is Dh300 per person until October 26, and Dh330 from October 27. The fee includes a welcome kit, breakfast, and lunch and entertainment at a five-star property after the race.


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