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Stop asking women when they're having children, says Filipina star Anne Curtis-Smith

The actress spoke out when she was asked about family plans with influencer husband Erwan Heussaff

Actress Anne Curtis-Smith has slammed questions about her family plans with husband Erwan Heussaff. AFP 
Actress Anne Curtis-Smith has slammed questions about her family plans with husband Erwan Heussaff. AFP 

Filipina actress Anne Curtis-Smith has hit back at media for asking women about when they are going to have children, saying, "You don't know what they're going through."

The Just a Stranger star was asked about her family plans during a press conference on Monday, September 30.

"I think I should take this opportunity that the press should stop asking that to any woman, because you don’t know what they’re going through," Curtis-Smith said.

"For me, it will happen in God’s time, and I think at any time I’m ready for it. But I’m speaking for every woman. You don’t know what they’re going through."

The Filipina-Australian actress is married to food and travel influencer Erwan Heussaff.

"I have a lot of friends who may be trying, and medyo nakakasakit [it kind of hurts] when people keep asking them, ‘When are you going to have a baby?’ Maybe they just don’t want to have a baby," she added.

"I hope you guys don’t take this the wrong way, but I think in respect to every woman, you should stop asking when they’re going to get married, why don’t they have a baby, or when they are going to have a baby."

Curtis-Smith was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi last month for the Just a Stranger press tour.

While in town she caught up with some of Dubai's most famous fashion faces, sharing a photo of herself with designers Ezra Santos of Ezra Couture, Michael Cinco and Furne One of Amato, all of whom come from the Philippines.

Curtis-Smith is no stranger to controversy. Her role in Just a Stranger came under fire in the Philippines, with critics claiming the fact that a married woman was starring in a love story was labelled as "disrespectful" and "awkward".

However, Heussaff has hit back and defended his wife, saying in an Instagram comment: "Last I checked, I'm the husband and I know how I feel (which is completely fine by the way, thanks for asking). So no need to throw around words like disrespect or dictate what a person should or shouldn’t do after getting married."

The pair married in 2017, having been together for seven years.

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