x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Spa treatment of the week

M's star treatment of the week is a grape facial.

WHAT I TRIED The Ruby Secret Facial at the Silkor Laser Medical Center, Abu Dhabi


WHAT I WANTED To relax and hydrate. But with more elegance than on the couch at home with a glass of water. My skin was looking tired and dry as a result of stress and dehydration, which is not how I want to start the spring.


WHAT HAPPENED The Ruby Secret Facial promises to moisturise, lift facial lines and fight ageing. It begins with a cleansing and exfoliation. Then my therapist, Kerry, massages my face and neck and adds a thick mask that has the most delightful scent I couldn't quite place. Lavender? Rose? It was actually grape. Beautiful, delicious, hard-working grape, full of polyphenols to stop free radicals, which cause premature skin ageing.

I would have preferred to have worn a bathrobe over my clothes rather than worry about the mask dripping onto my new top, but I was soon fast asleep and woke up with a hardened but bendable mask and minimal drip, with the divine scent of grapes in the air.


THE VERDICT Utterly relaxing and perfectly hydrating. My face looked bright and smooth with a touch of healthy colour. I felt like I'd slept all weekend and looked five years younger. I didn't even wear any foundation later that evening when I went out to dinner.

This facial is the perfect treat this month for yourself, a friend or your mum.


Ellen Fortini


Dh600 for 60 minutes. In celebration of Mother's Day, the Ruby Secret Facial is buy one, get one free till the end of March. Available at all Silkor Laser Medical Centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai; www.silkor.com